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SUV Cars in Philippines

Searching for a new SUV sale in the Philippines 2023? We list out all brands of 140 SUV cars you may find interesting. SUV Price from ₱ 523,000 to ₱ 21,390,000. Check the SUV car price list, begin with the Suzuki S-Presso 2023 for ₱ 523,000 up to the most expensive one: Land Rover Range Rover 2023 for ₱ 21,390,000.View and compare SUV car price, spec, image, features and owner reviews in our database by clicking the list.

The most popular SUV car brands in Philippines are Mazda, BMW, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Toyota. Geely Okavango, KIA Stonic, Toyota Rush, Toyota Fortuner, Ford Everest are the most popular models among them. For more specifications, click the model you want to check in the following table.

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  • What are the best SUV cars in the Philippines?

  • What are the most popular SUV cars in the Philippines?

  • Which are the most affordable SUV cars in the Philippines?

    The most affordable SUV car in the Philippines is the Geely Okavango at ₱ 1,208,000.
  • Which SUV is the most expensive car in the Philippines?

    The most expensive SUV in the Philippines is the Ford Everest at ₱ 2,299,000
  • Which SUV is the newest car in the Philippines?

    The newest SUV cars launched in Philippines include Honda HR-V , Mazda CX-5 , Chevrolet Suburban , BMW iX
  • Which SUV Cars are Upcoming in the Philippines?

    The upcoming SUV cars in Philippines in 2023 are
  • What is a SUV car?

    SUV is the capital of Sport Utility Vehicle or Suburban Utility Vehicle. It is slightly differ from ORV(Off-Rod Vehicle) as it is a type of car which has the spatial functions of a wagon and the off-road capability of a truck. Typical representatives of this type of car would be the Land Cruiser of TOYOTA and the BENZ GLC. The Main characteristics of a SUV are strong dynamics, high off-road performance and excellent people and cargo carrying ability. SUV originated from America and rapidly became an upsurge and widely spread to Europe and Japan and became the best selling model in that years. Nowadays, SUV is still popular to the customers because of its various advantages and it still has a huge potential in the future market.