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Haima is a new breed of passenger vehicles that successfully combines fuel efficiency, style, and affordability established in 1988 at Hainan, China.

Built on an international bar of manufacturing standards, intensive research and modern innovations, Haima has been steadily building its name from China to the rest of the world.

In late 2009, Haima rolled into Philippine roads, finding a home in the country’s largest multi-brand auto conglomerate—the trusted and respected LausAutoGroup. From this strong partnership came variants that told everyone to “Drive it to Believe.”

Haima’s arrival revolutionized the local automotive industry, sparking a game changing trend that altogether redefined the quality of China made cars. Proofs of these are the positive reviews and feedbacks from the country’s renowned car magazines and satisfied customers.

Haima’s competitively priced vehicles give discerning Filipino buyers wider selections to enjoy essential features, latest technology and distinct driving dynamics backed up with excellent safety amenities.

Furthermore, ensuring every HAIMA vehicle is roadworthy, parts and after sales are no-worries. Efficient staff and highly skilled technicians are ready to provide quality parts and service, that’s the HAIMA guarantee.

Haima New Car Price List

Haima Car Models Price
Haima S7 Price
₱ 1,019,000 - 1,119,000
Haima M3 Price
₱ 679,000
Haima V70 Price
₱ 1,099,000
  • How much is a Haima car in Philippines?

    The cheapest Haima car price is the Haima M3 ₱ 679,000 and the highest price is the Haima S7 ₱ 1,119,000
  • How many models does Haima have?

    Haima has 4 models and 4 variants for you to choose from.
  • Does Haima have an SUV model?

    Haima SUV Cars: