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Displacement 149.16 cc
Category Sport
Start Option Electric
Maximum Power 16 hp
Number Of Strokes 4-Stroke
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  • Overview
  • Design
  • Handling
  • Engine & Fuel Consumption
  • Braking & Safety
  • Summary
  • Overview

    Honda launched the CBR150R in the Philippines, introducing a host of exciting new features and a refreshed design. The CBR150R boasts a sleek and sharp appearance, featuring twin-beam front headlights, dual LED DRLs, and edgier fairings, giving it a sportier and more modern look compared to its predecessors. Additionally, the motorcycle is equipped with Showa SFF-BP USD front forks, offering separate functions and accentuated with a touch of gold for added flair.

    One of the notable additions is the slip-and-assist clutch, which not only reduces wheel locking and hop but also requires less effort to pull the lever, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable ride. The CBR150R also comes with a full LCD digital instrument cluster that provides essential information such as fuel consumption, gear position, speed, RPM, time, and fuel levels.

    Under the hood, the CBR150R boasts a robust and responsive engine, delivering a powerful performance on the road.

  • Design

    At first glance, the CBR150R's styling is reminiscent of the CBR250R, bearing a striking resemblance to the VFR series. The high-revving engine, however, gives it a distinct CBR character. The bike's multi-layered fairings, Y-shaped headlamp, and short stubby exhaust contribute to its unique and aggressive appearance. Nevertheless, some aspects of the design could be improved, such as the glossy frame painting, which may have looked better with a matte finish.

    The design team's intention was clear—to create an impression of a fast and powerful motorcycle. From the front to the rear, the design features identical curves, adding to its appeal. The use of LED lighting enhances the overall aesthetics, including the LED turn signal controls located above the main headlamp. Gone are the stick-type turn signals found in the Honda CBR250RR; instead, the CBR150R features a more modern design.

    The side profile of the bike exudes aggression and muscularity, emphasizing its power. The fairing incorporates a grille that maximizes engine cooling while facilitating heat dissipation. The rear end has a sporty conical shape, positioned at a comfortable height, ensuring a comfortable riding experience. It boasts stacked taillights and LED turn signals, similar to the Honda CBR250RR.

    Dimensions, the CBR150R doesn't differ significantly from its predecessors. The chassis and legs have seen minimal changes, resulting in a length of 1,983 mm, width of 700 mm, and height of 1,080 mm. Compared to the older model, which measured 1,983 x 694 x 1,077 mm (length x width x height), the differences are marginal.

    CBR150R's design showcases a harmonious blend of aggression, aerodynamics, and modern styling elements, catering to the preferences of Indonesian consumers who appreciate its fast and powerful appearance. However, some minor design refinements could further elevate its overall visual appeal.

  • Handling

    The CBR150R provides a well-balanced riding posture, combining the best of both sports and touring motorcycles. It offers stability and a solid feel on straight roads. However, for riders seeking improved confidence during cornering, it is recommended to consider replacing the stock tires with more suitable options.

  • Engine & Fuel Consumption

    The CBR150R's engine performance is noteworthy, particularly its high-revving nature, where it truly shines after reaching 7,000 rpm. However, due to lower torque, it may struggle to compete with its rivals at lower rpms. One impressive aspect is Honda's patented PGMFI technology, ensuring a smooth engine operation even at higher rpms. But still, some slight vibrations can be felt from the visor and rear-view mirrors.

    The 6-speed gearbox is commendable, delivering smooth shifts and performing its job effectively. As a sports bike, the CBR150R doesn't hold back on performance. Riders have reported reaching a top speed of 130 Kph at 11,500 rpm, and the engine still shows its capability to provide more power if needed.

    Regarding fuel consumption, the CBR150R delivers approximately 37 kmpl, which is a respectable figure for a sports-oriented motorcycle. This level of fuel efficiency can be beneficial for both daily commuting and occasional touring, making it a practical choice for riders seeking a balance between performance and economy.

  • Braking & Safety

    Honda CBR150R motorcycle is equipped with a hydraulic disc braking system on both wheels. The use of Wavy Disk or wave-shaped design enhances the effectiveness and optimization of slowing down the vehicle's speed. Additionally, there is a new variant with ABS technology, providing an extra layer of safety.

    Furthermore, the bike comes with tubeless tires and sports a design inspired by racing wheels, ensuring better handling and grip on the road. The front tire size is 100/80-17 52P (tubeless), and the rear tire size is 130/70-17 62P (tubeless).

    Overall, with its advanced braking system and safety-oriented features, the CBR150R delivers a reliable and secure riding experience for enthusiasts. The inclusion of ABS on certain models further boosts the bike's safety credentials, making it a prudent choice for riders seeking enhanced control and confidence on various road conditions.

  • Summary

    In summary, the CBR150R impresses as a well-rounded sports tourer, offering an exhilarating riding experience. Its high-revving engine provides thrills beyond 7,000 rpm, while the comfortable riding posture makes it suitable for long journeys. However, the bike's cornering performance might benefit from upgrading the tires. On the safety front, the hydraulic disc braking system, ABS technology (available in certain models), and tubeless tires contribute to a secure and reliable ride.

    CBR150R stands as an excellent choice for riders seeking a blend of sportiness and touring capabilities. 

What Honda CBR150R color do you like? Honda CBR150R 2023 has a total of 1 color choices in the Philippines: Winning Red

  • Honda CBR150R Winning Red

Winning Red

  • How much is Honda CBR150R in the Philippines?

    The Honda CBR150R price in the Philippines starts at ₱159,900. The lowest price is the 2021 Honda CBR150R Standard, ranging all the way up to the 2021 Honda CBR150R Standard priced at ₱159,900.

  • Is the Honda CBR150R a good motorcycle?

    The Honda CBR150R is a popular motorcycle to buy as it offers powerful and efficient engine options as well as premium, spacious interiors. Even used Honda CBR150R motorcycles offer the premium driving experience.

  • What models does Honda CBR150R have?

    Honda CBR150R models in the Philippines: 2021 Honda CBR150R Standard.

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