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  • Car Dealerships, Buy, Sell, Loan and Reviews
  • Accident, Insurance, and Drivers Safety
  • Maintenance, Repair, Care
  • Accessories: Tyres, Wheels, and Machinery
  • New Car Models and Garages
  • Different Car Brands
  • Car Shows
  • Automotive Industry Trends & Innovations
  • Bike Care
  • Electric (EV), Hybrid, or Zero-Emission Cars
  • Petrol and Diesel
  • Car Tips: Culture, Owner Stories, Opinion
  • Car Related Contents: CarPlay, Car Camera, Music Playlists
  • Other Topics(Share Your Google Documents to Our Editors to Confirm)

If you feel like to write a guest post for us, please read through the following guidelines first. An 100% original, well-organized and SEO optimized articles comes with something new will be preferred for our readers.Your posts are just allowed to publish on AutoFun websites and do not post twice at other platforms.


Content Quality

All articles must be well-written without any grammar and spelling errors. It should be focused on specific topic related to cars or the automotive industry with 3 main keywords.

Generally, the articles should not less than 1000 words. Normally it depends on the competitor on the SERP, but words count between 1000 and 2000 results the best. Any plagiarized or previously published contents are not acceptable. Kindly check the plagiarism first and share your results along with your articles. What’s more, a unique, clear, persuasive, informative, and engaging, customer-relevant and SEO-friendly content are always beneficial for car audience.


Topic Suggestions

Except for the content quality, related topic that will be of interest to our audience of car enthusiasts. Here are some examples of topics that would be a good fit:

If you have an article idea that you think would be a good fit but isn’t on this list, feel free to submit it for consideration.

  • Car buying tips and advice
  • How to maintain your car
  • DIY auto repairs
  • Car modification and customization ideas
  • Car detailing tips
  • Product reviews (e.g. tires, car audio, etc.)


Generally, each article match at least 2 pictures closely relevant with the content. All pictures should be legal, clear, clean, relevant. And name the images with keywords accompany your article.

Any questions or unclear matters about our submission guidelines, feel free to contact us.

If you have a great ideas on Cars and your articles are satisfied all the above rules, feel free to submit your tips in Google Docs with the Edit features turned on to our Outreach Manger via E-mail with the subject line of “Guest Post Submission: Your Article Topic” at once.

We are always looking to work with SEO Agencies, Brands, and Individual Bloggers to contribute high-quality guest posts.

Decline articles submitted, without providing reasons.

Adjust article titles where necessary, to help optimize reader engagement for your article.

Make basic edits to articles, including but not limited to spelling, grammar, and paragraph/sentence structure for the purpose of improving readability.