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Sedan Cars in Philippines

Searching for a new Sedan sale in the Philippines 2022? We list out all brands of 31 Sedan cars you may find interesting. Sedan Price from ₱ 109,800 to ₱ 4,590,000. Check the Sedan car price list, begin with the Nissan Almera 2022 for ₱ 109,800 up to the most expensive one: Jaguar XF 2022 for ₱ 4,590,000.View and compare Sedan car price, spec, image, features and owner reviews in our database by clicking the list.

The most popular Sedan car brands in Philippines are Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan. Toyota Vios are the most popular models among them. For more specifications, click the model you want to check in the following table.

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  • What are the best Sedan cars in the Philippines?

    According to prices, specs, user and expert reviews, probably the best Sedan cars in 2022 are Toyota Vios at ₱ 686,000 - 1,035,000 .
  • What are the most popular Sedan cars in the Philippines?

    The most popular Sedan cars discussed by Philippinesn vehicle users in 2022 are: Toyota Vios at ₱ 686,000 - 1,035,000 .
  • Which are the most affordable Sedan cars in the Philippines?

    The most affordable Sedan car in the Philippines is the Toyota Vios at ₱ 686,000.
  • Which Sedan is the most expensive car in the Philippines?

    The most expensive Sedan in the Philippines is the Toyota Vios at ₱ 1,035,000
  • Which Sedan is the newest car in the Philippines?

    The newest Sedan cars launched in Philippines include Subaru WRX , Geely Emgrand , Honda HR-V , Toyota Lite Ace Panel Van
  • Which Sedan Cars are Upcoming in the Philippines?

    The upcoming Sedan cars in Philippines in 2022 are
  • What is a Sedan car?

    Sedan, or saloon is a type of passenger cars which have a three-box configuration and separated compartments for engine, passenger and cargo.
    Usually, a sedan has the following definition: have a B-pillar that supports the roof, two rows of seats and a closed mental roof. In different regions, people use various classifications to define a sedan.
    For example, companies use the grading standard from General Motors Company to grading sedans such as LowMed, Intern and Large/Lux. For Europe, they graded the sedan from A to D class. Basically, most of the normal family would tend to buy a sedan not just because the sedan is economical and practical but also easy to maintain. Commonly to say, a sedan would have 15 years life for the sedan under 9-seats and 10 years for above 9-seats. Or if we pick the view of mileage, sedan usually can be used for 500,000 kilometers.