₱ 1,690,000
Honda Civic Specs
  • Body Type Sedan
  • Segment -
  • Engine Displacement 1.5 L
  • Horsepower 178 PS
  • Transmission Type CVT
  • Energy Type Fuel
  • Overview
  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Features
  • Powertrain
  • Conclusion
  • Overview

    Overview Honda Civic


    The Honda Civic was first introduced in 1972 and the first generation lasted until 1979. Currently, the Honda Civic has reached its 10th generation. And the latest generation was released in 2016 with a turbo engine and Earth Dreams Technology and a sport version variant, the Honda Civic Type R.

    The latest generation

    Finally, we have a new Honda sedan on the local market. Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. has officially launched the 11th-generation Honda Civic, with the company’s Honda Sensing system being one of the car’s most unique and attractive features.

    The 11th-generation Honda Civic was launched in the Philippines on November 23, 2021. It was made available with three variants all of which carry the 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine that was once only seen in the top RS Turbo trim. The new version of the sedan aims to solidify itself as one of the popular entries in the compact sedan segment by bringing with it a host of new features. 

    Honda Philippines has also given the new Civic Honda SENSING technology as standard further increasing the number of safety features the vehicle has. The 11th-gen Honda Civic is now available at all 37 Honda dealerships nationwide. It won’t be offered with a manual transmission in the country. There are three variants and five color options to choose from: Morning Mist Blue Metallic, Meteoroid Grey Metallic, Ignite Red Metallic, Platinum White Pearl, and Lunar Silver Metallic.


    Those who purchase the V Turbo CVT variant of the Civic until December 31, 2021, will be entitled to a free Modulo Trunk Tray and Modulo Exhaust Pipe Finisher, on top of all the promotions offered for the month of the vehicle release until January 31, 2022. In the Philippines, the new Civic is priced as follows:

    • S Turbo CVT: P1,290,000 (around $25,512)
    • V Turbo CVT: P1,498,000 ($29,626)
    • RS Turbo CVT: P1,690,000 ($33,423)

  • Exterior

    Exterior Honda Civic



    For its 11th generation, the Honda Civic has much more of a subtle look compared to its older version. It still retains some of its angular body accents over its body.  At first glance, the Honda Civic flaunts a more mature and elegant look than its predecessor. Honda opted for more conservative lines while upgrading the overall styling. The Honda Civic is also looking bigger with the eye test when compared side-by-side to the previous generation. 

    On the front, the face of the Gen-11 Civic RS Turbo looks calmer with more minimalist ornaments than the previous model. The solid-wings grille is made flatter, while the radiator grille at the bottom is bigger. The part on the nose that houses the Honda logo has been changed from the previous chrome accent, now to the color of the body. The headlamp is also made more flat for a more elegant look.

    On the side, visible changes to the design of the spoke wheels. At the rear end of the glass made narrowed upwards, reminiscent of the Honda Accord. Efforts to make this new Civic still have a sporty aura can be seen from the wheels and mirror housing which are full black. 

    Honda also provides modulo accessories in the form of black side-skirts at the bottom of the doors and front-rear bumpers. On the back, it also looks a more muted design than the old version. The rear lights are more normal like sedans in general, the rear bumper is also cleaner without black plastic ornaments or fake exhaust.


    The size of the 11th generation Honda Civic has increased in length and width, although it is not significant. However, the changes made are aimed at better control rigidity, so that this medium sedan is claimed to be more fun-to-drive.

     All Variants Honda Civic 
    Length 4,678 mm
    Width 1.802 mm 
    Height 1,415 mm
    Wheelbase 2.735 mm 


    Then the right and left headlights equipped with LED lines as eyebrows are made to connect with the black grille which has a slight U-shape curve. The upper grille of the All New Civic prototype is indeed getting narrower, but the bottom one is getting bigger with a motif like a brick wall.

    Unlike the 10th generation Civic, which has a chrome top grille, which is wider than the bottom. Then there are fog lamps on the right and left with a C-shaped housing. Then on the back, there are horizontal-shaped lights that have a fairly large design. There are also reflector lamps in the form of elongated lines on the right and left sides of the bumper, as well as exhausts at the bottom right and left.


    The new Civic comes with either 16-inch rims on the S variant, and 17-inch alloy rims on the V variant, and 18-inch matte black wheels on the RS.

  • Interior

    Interior Honda Civic



    In the center of the dashboard, there is a honeycom accent made of metal that stretches horizontally separating the AC panel and the Head Unit. This section hides the AC grille so that it adds a luxurious minimalist impression. The feel of luxury is felt on the soft seats wrapped in suede leather combined with fabric on the inside of the seat. There are leather bandages with red stitching on the arm-rests, door trim, shift lever and steering wheel. An 8-way electric setup for the driver's seat and 4-way for the passenger, and there's also red illuminated accents on the door trim.

    Space and Practicality

    Typical of Honda, interior practicality is unrivalled - storage spaces are aplenty and easy to reach, while the centre armrest console is spacious enough to store all your miscellaneous items. For seats, the RS receives a combination of suede and leather upholstery, while the S and V get fabric. The slightly bigger dimensions of the car allowed for generous cabin and cargo space, particularly for the rear passengers.



    As a sedan, of course the accommodation in the luggage section is not too flexible. But in this latest generation of Civic, we can pull the lever in the trunk to fold the rear seat. So, even though it's not flat, the luggage capacity becomes more spacious.

  • Features

    Features Honda Civic


    Safety Features

    Standard safety features are also included in the package including Speed Sensing Door Locks, Multi-View Reverse Camera, and Keyless Entry System. Side Curtain Airbags, Honda LaneWatch Camera, and the Walk Away Auto Door Lock function are exclusive to the RS variant. the new Honda Sensing driver-assist system is one of the 11th-gen Civic’s biggest highlights. 

    It includes a single monocular camera with a wide field of view and boasts improved object recognition that identifies vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians, and road markings in the frame. As with other Honda cars, the Civic is also equipped with G-Con short for G-Force Control for enhanced collision safety and top-class crash-safety design.

    Comfort Features

    All variants of the Honda Civic receive rear air-conditioning vents, while leather upholstery is standard fitment on turbocharged variants of the Honda Civic. In addition to those, an 8-way power-adjustable driver seat is fitted to all variants of the Honda Civic. Other standard convenience features include automatic climate control, and dual-zone climate control exclusive on the RS variant.


    All variants of the latest Civic come with a 7- or 9-inch touch infotainment screen. Both displays are compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, though the larger screen supports wireless Apple CarPlay as well. The S Turbo variant includes four speakers in the cabin, while the V Turbo has eight speakers. The RS variant, on the other hand, upgrades to a 12-speaker Bose sound system.

  • Powertrain

    Engine & Performance Honda Civic


    The 11th generation Civic is powered by a 1.5 liter 4-cylinder DOHC VTEC Turbo engine. The engine can produce 178 All 11th-gen models sport a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder DOHC VTEC Turbo engine, which produces 178 ps and 240 Nm of torque, versus the last-gen Civic’s 173 ps and 220 Nm with its 1.5 VTEC Turbo engine. They’re also paired with a CVT or continuously variable transmission for every trim level.


    Honda's 11th-generation Civic gains another version with the arrival of the performance-oriented Civic Si. Debuting solely in sedan form, the 2022 Civic once again features a turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder mated exclusively to a six-speed manual transmission. 

    Honda dropped the manual transmission on the Civic sedan as it only offers CVT (with paddle shifters on the performance lines). The lower trims have a 2.0-liter engine that is capable of providing 158hp; upper variants boast 180hp from its turbocharged 1.5-liter engine.

    Driving characteristics

    Another thing that is impressive is the controllability that is fairly easy on this sedan. The steering wheel is precisely made to translate the driver's wishes quickly and precisely. This ability is an important capital for maneuvering although it seems it would be more fun to invite this sedan to have fun on the track

    Fuel consumption

    The 11th generation Honda Civic is equipped with a 1.500cc turbo engine, which is capable of spewing out 178PS of power and 240Nm of torque. Honda claims its newest Civic only needs 1 liter of gasoline for a distance of 17.2 km.

  • Conclusion

    The Honda Civic is the embodiment of Honda's engineering - the turbocharged engine is strong, while the cabin practicality is bar none. Couple that with Honda Sensing and LaneWatch, it is no surprise why the Honda Civic currently tops the C-segment sedan market. Those who purchase the V Turbo CVT variant of the Civic until December 31, 2021, will be entitled to a free Modulo Trunk Tray and Modulo Exhaust Pipe Finisher, on top of all the promotions offered for the month of the vehicle release until January 31, 2022.

Honda Civic has total 5 color options in Philippines: Lunar Silver Metallic, Platinum White Pearl, Ignite Red Metallic, Meteoroid Gray Metallic, Morning Mist Blue Metallic

Lunar Silver Metallic

  • How much is Honda Civic in the Philippines?

    The Honda Civic price in the Philippines starts at ₱1,290,000. The lowest price is the 2021 Honda Civic S Turbo CVT, ranging all the way up to the 2021 Honda Civic RS Turbo CVT priced at ₱1,690,000.

  • Is the Honda Civic a good car?

    The Honda Civic is a popular car to buy as it offers powerful and efficient engine options as well as premium, spacious interiors. Even used Honda Civic cars offer the premium driving experience.

  • Is Honda Civic manual or automatic?

    We're learning that the 2021 Honda Civic is available with continuously variable CVT transmission

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