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Body Type Hatchback
Segment -
Engine Displacement 1.5 L
Horsepower 119 PS
Transmission Type CVT
Energy Type -
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  • Overview
  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Features
  • Powertrain
  • Conclusion
  • Overview


    The Honda City Hatchback is designed as Honda's signature hatchback, continuing the sporty image of the models that have made Honda famous in this segment. The City model itself is one of the most popular lines from Honda, which has been very well received by consumers in Asia, including the Philippines. The Honda City Hatchback also inherits various advantages that characterize the City model as well as the character of the Honda hatchback, namely a stylish exterior design, a spacious back room, a high-quality instrument panel and advanced features that exceed expectations in its class. Fun driving performance and fuel efficiency are also one of the attractions of this model, especially among young consumers.


    Honda City was first present in 1981 for the Asian automotive market that carries a three-door vehicle design. This first generation is offered in three variants, namely AA for sedans, FV for vans and FA for turbos and cabriolets. The cabriolets version, which was launched in November 1981, has a wider dimension that can accommodate four adults. Honda City has had 8 generations until now. The all-new Honda City hatchback was launched in the Philippine market last April 21, 2021, with only one RS variant available.


    The Honda City Hatchback price in the Philippines starts at P1,125,000.00. The lowest price is the Honda City Hatchback 1.5 RS CVT, ranging all the way up to the Honda City Hatchback 1.5 RS CVT Platinum White Pearl priced at P1,145,000.00.

  • Exterior


    The front sector design of the Honda City Hatchback has a fairly large size and is equipped with thick chrome accents at the front, black grille, projector headlamps and a bumper design that looks more sporty. Meanwhile, at the rear it has a weathered shape that is almost similar to a boomerang, a bumper with chrome access and a rear spoiler that looks more elegant. Continuing to the rear view of the Honda City Hatchback, the 3-dimensional stop lamp and the bumper design on this car add a sporty impression to the wishes of young people who are the target market for this car. Although the dimensions of this car are about 20 cm shorter than the sedan model, but it is still proportional when viewed, and that is one of the strengths of Honda designers in designing cars.


    This Honda City Hatchback has dimensions with a length of 4.5 17 mm, a width of 1,705 mm, and a height of 1,477 mm and has a wheelbase of 2,600 mm.


    Honda City Hatchback  applies a cutting edge design with a strong character line and the latest lamp design with Full LED Headlight with LED Daytime Running Light, LED Foglight, and Rear Combi Light with LED light bars.


    The City Hatchback wears identical size 15- or 16-inch wheels as the City sedan and that model looks good enough from any angle

  • Interior


    Inside the cabin, the interior of the Honda City Hatchback RS is designed to add a sporty impression and a higher level of comfort. At the front of the cabin, the instrument panel is designed with a Sporty Meter Cluster with Red Accent which is also integrated with 8 "Advanced Capacitive Touchscreen Display Audio. Smartphones can also be easily linked to the audio section with the Smartphone Connection feature that can support user activities. Honda City Hatchback has used quality leather with red stitching on the side doors, shift knob, and steering wheel. In the seat upholstery, using a combination of three materials, namely fabric, leather, and suede material, which makes the seat comfortable when occupied.


    The dashboard and head unit of the Honda City Hatchback RS are quite modern and pleasing to the eye. Although it is still made of hard plastic, the touch of leather with red stitching on the side door panels, steering wheel, and shift knob is a plus. The AC panel is also easy to navigate and quite luxurious. A head unit that supports Android Auto and Apple Carplay is a plus. The convenience of making access to Google Maps/Waze and the mobile application directly on the head unit adds to the convenience.


    Honda City Hatchback has a cabin that feels spacious thanks to a very flexible seat. This seat flexibility feature is called Ultra Seat which allows it to be adjusted or folded in four different modes. Namely starting from Utility Mode, Long Mode, Tall Mode and Refresh Mode. In Utility Mode, the two rear seats that have a 60:40 configuration can lie flat on the floor. Then in Long Mode, the position of the front passenger seat can be reclined to get more space. So long items can fit up to the front dashboard. While the right rear seat can still be activated or reclined if there is no need to load additional passengers. 

    Third, there is Tall Mode, not only the back of the second row of seats that can be laid down, but the seat mat can also be lifted. As a result, tall objects, such as carrying flower pots, can be placed in the middle cabin. Finally, Refresh Mode, the back of the front seat can lie flat with the second row of seat mats. The condition is that the head rest must be removed first, then the position of the front seat must be advanced at the most stuck. In this condition, passengers can lean back comfortably or even sleep.


    This Honda City Hatchback has a luggage capacity of 289 liters.

  • Features


    Safety features

    Honda City Hatchback RS has been equipped with high standard safety features that provide optimal security and protection. The Honda City Hatchback RS is designed using a G-CON + ACE™ frame and is equipped with 6 airbags for complete protection. Other safety features on the Honda City Hatchback RS include the ABS braking system, EBD + BA, Brake Override System, Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), Hill Start Assist, Parking Sensor, Seatbelt Reminder, Pretensioner with Load Limiter Seat Belt, Emergency Stop Signal to APAR (Light Fire Extinguisher). The security system has also been adapted to Honda's safety standards which include Smart Key with Keyless Entry, Immobilizer, and Alarm System.

    Comfort features

    Hatchbacks are also known as practical, useful and comfortable vehicles and Honda equips City Hatchbacks with many of the comfort and convenience features one would expect in top models. such as: Smart entry with one push start system, speed sensor power window and door lock, automatic air conditioner with rotary knob and digital display, four grip handles, four cupholders, 12 volt accessory outlets in front and rear. A triangular, tiltable leather-wrapped steering wheel and telescope and feature controls for cruise control, audio and hands-free calling with voice recognition buttons.

    Infotainment features

    In terms of infotainment, the Honda City Hatchback relies on an 8-inch Capacitive Touchscreen monitor complete with CD, DVD, MP3 and WMA player functions, as well as AM/FM Radio. This screen is slightly larger than the previous version of the Honda City Hatchback which only had a 7-inch screen. In addition, there are also several connectivity functions such as USB Port, Bluetooth, as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

  • Powertrain

    Powertrain performance


    This Honda City Hatcback relies on a 1.5 liter i-VTEC petrol engine which is capable of providing power of 128.6 hp and a tri peak of 155 Nm. As one of the standard features the car engine will soon be linked to a 5-speed manual transmission. Meanwhile, on the other hand, continuous variable transmission (CVT) is provided for options.


    The power released will be channeled to a 5-speed manual transmission and there is an option provided, namely a continuous variable transmission (CVT).


    Honda City Hatchback has been equipped with MacPherson Strut front suspension and H-Shape Torsion Beam rear suspension, thereby reducing body roll symptoms to create a more stable and comfortable driving sensation. The Honda City Hatchback shares the same chassis and platform as its more popular body style. Drive the same and handle the same way, which means good engine performance and responsiveness also thanks in part to the CVT keeping the engine in the optimal powerband. 

    With more midrange power, the City feels a bit faster than the old one due to the more usable power. With a MacPherson strut at the front and a torsion beam at the rear, it offers a good base that allows it to handle fairly well. It takes the corners well and it accelerates out of them with decent haste. The City Hatch also has decent NVH features for a fairly quiet ride.

    Fuel consumption

    The fuel consumption of the Honda City Hatchback is 3.6L/100km (the most fuel-efficient), and the highest fuel consumption is 5.6L/100km.

  • Conclusion


    Honda Thailand has succeeded in making City Hatchbacks suitable for young people. This car comes with a beautiful model, powerful engine combined with high practicality. The price range of this car is above  P1,125,000.00 , making it a mid-sized compact hatchback and competing with the Toyota Yaris and Mazda 2.

Honda City Hatchback has total 4 color options in the Philippines: Meteor Grey Metallic, Brilliant Sporty Blue Metallic, Platinum White Pearl, Ignite Red

  • Honda City Hatchback Meteor Grey Metallic
  • Honda City Hatchback Brilliant Sporty Blue Metallic
  • Honda City Hatchback Platinum White Pearl
  • Honda City Hatchback Ignite Red

Meteor Grey Metallic

  • How much is Honda City Hatchback in the Philippines?

    The Honda City Hatchback price in the Philippines starts at ₱1,115,000. The lowest price is the 2021 Honda City Hatchback RS CVT, ranging all the way up to the 2021 Honda City Hatchback RS CVT priced at ₱1,115,000.

  • Is the Honda City Hatchback a good car?

    The Honda City Hatchback is a popular car to buy as it offers powerful and efficient engine options as well as premium, spacious interiors. Even used Honda City Hatchback cars offer the premium driving experience.

  • Is Honda City Hatchback manual or automatic?

    We're learning that the 2021 Honda City Hatchback is available with continuously variable CVT transmission

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2021 Honda City Hatchback RS CVT


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