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₱ 2,350,000
Honda Accord Specs
Body Type Sedan
Segment -
Engine Displacement 1.5 L
Horsepower 188 PS
Transmission Type CVT
Energy Type Fuel
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  • Overview
  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Features
  • Powertrain
  • Conclusion
  • Overview


    This Honda Accord car is a luxury sedan that provides answers for all urban vehicle users in the Philippines who want luxury, comfort and exclusivity. This Honda Accord has a luxurious and elegant design on the outside and also on the inside, this sedan offers maximum comfort so that passengers inside will feel at home for long. The power generated by the Honda Accord engine is also quite powerful which is very suitable for driving on urban or inter-city streets. In addition, this car also offers a variety of modern and high-tech features that further provide maximum convenience, comfort and driving safety.


    Honda Accord itself is a luxury sedan that is designed with high precision. Honda Accord itself was made by Honda since 1976 and marketed widely throughout the world. The Honda Accord itself was the first car to be produced in the United States when it was young, it was made at Honda's Marysville Auto Plant. The Honda Accord itself has an initial design that has been changed to a fuel-efficient, low-emission car. Honda Accord  have also been produced in several countries including the Philippines, China and Thailand. Honda Accord has 10 generations until now. Tenth Generation (2017-Present)


    The Honda Accord price in the Philippines starts at P2,350,000.00. 

  • Exterior


    The exterior design of this latest generation of Accord has undergone improvements to the front fascia or front view with a medium-sized grille that has 2 horizontal lines that are accented with chrome and the Honda emblem which is also accented with chrome makes this Honda Accord look elegant. 

    The side is no less luxurious and elegant because it has 2 accent lines that stand out on the top and bottom of this Honda Accord. As for the back of this luxury sedan, it has a very elegant and luxurious fascia design because of the chrome garnish accents that provide a charming line on the stop lamp combination and the curve of the lamp housing that blends with the vehicle body making this Honda Accord feel luxurious and exclusive.


    For its dimensions, the specification of this Honda Accord feels right for the size of a sedan which is very suitable for urban streets. With dimensions of 4,870 x 1,850 x 1,465 with an empty weight starting from 1,525, this Honda Accord feels very fitting to be driven on urban streets and inter-city streets.


    Switching to the Led section, this car has a new design with fog lights that are supported by LEDs that produce maximum lighting when driving in fog. This car also has a new headlight design, of course more dashing with LED lighting elements to increase the sharpness of your driving vision. The Honda Accord itself has an angled and firm shape with LED Light Bars that are able to provide better and clearer brake positions and signals.


    The Honda Accord uses tires measuring 235/45R18 with 5-spoke aluminum wheels measuring 18x8.0 inches.

  • Interior


    In the interior aspect, the specification of the Honda Accord which has a capacity of accommodating 5 passengers per seat uses premium leather material which is very soft and comfortable on the skin so that it will make passengers feel at home for long in this sedan even for long trips. Each seat also has a seat belt that can ensure safety from the risk of accidents that can occur at any time. This car is also equipped with Side And Rear Windows Power Sunshade, which serves to protect you from sun exposure with a sunshade on the side window that can be operated electrically.

    The features in the interior of this car are numerous, including Wifi Tethering, Navigation System, Phone mirroring using an optional cable, One Push Ignition System, Smart Key, Driver and Passenger Power Seat Adjustment, I-Dual Zone Auto CLimate Control System. On the steering wheel, this car is equipped with a Steering Wheel Mounterd Control to adjust the Audio on the screen, and a Hand Free Telephone Switch to receive calls.


    The dashboard appearance of this car is designed very luxuriously, with shiny black wood access which is the perfect combination that creates a warm and elegant atmosphere. In this car you can also know the status information of your vehicle and the time in a modern and sophisticated way, not only that you can also adjust the audio that can be seen through a sophisticated and modern screen display.


    This car has a spacious cabin that can carry 5 people. The seats of this car are covered with high quality leather with full precision which makes you feel comfortable sitting in this car when you are driving long distances. In addition, the Accord also offers a very luxurious interior appearance plus stylish and super complete features to accompany your trip


    This Honda has one of the largest trunks in its class. It provides 16.7 cubic feet of cargo space, which is enough room for about a dozen shopping bags

  • Features


    Safety features

    The security and safety features of this car use advanced technology security features that can ensure the safety of the passengers in it. In terms of safety features, the Honda Accord has the highest rating in the United States with the title of Top Safety. These safety features such as Pedestrian Protection which minimizes the risk of injury to pedestrians in the event of a collision at the front of the car plus Dual SRS Airbags on the Honda Accord which can protect the driver and passengers by developing Airbags automatically when an accident occurs in this car.

    Not only that, this car is also supported by the Pretentioner with Load Limiter feature which functions to tighten the seat belt automatically which can prevent fatal injuries to passengers. Another feature is the ABS + EBD + BA braking feature which functions to provide proper braking and effective by preventing wheel locking during sudden braking so that fatal accidents can be suppressed or minimized as low as possible.

    Comfort features

    To provide comfort to all passengers, this car provides i-Dual Auto AC and Rear AC Ventilation which will regulate the temperature in the cabin independently, automatically, quickly and evenly where this system takes into account the temperature through the direction of sunlight on the Honda Accord via satellite. For passenger comfort, the rear cabin is also equipped with a side sunshade and rear windows power shunsade that can hit the hot sun in the morning, afternoon or evening. Drivers and passengers on the Honda Accord can also be spoiled for long journeys made with quality audio entertainment on offer.

    Infotainment features

    As for the entertainment features, the Honda Accord also provides maximum comfort for all passengers while traveling. First, the i-MID which is located on the front dashboard can manage entertainment, hands-free and vehicle status so that the driver and front passenger can more easily manage their needs. 

    Steering Wheel Mounted Control on the specifications of the Honda Accord can also regulate vehicles that can only be done by the driver. Then the Integrated Touch Screen A/V System with DVD, Bluetooth Audio & Handsfree produces stunning audio quality and further pampers Honda Accord passengers during long trips.

    Even with the SVC (Speed Sensitive Volume Compensation) feature where the audio volume can adjust to the driving speed automatically, the passengers in the Honda Accord cabin feel comfortable. Not only that, Rear Audio Switch Control can also allow passengers in the rear cabin to adjust audio directly in that seat.

  • Powertrain

    Powertrain performance


    On the engine side, the Honda Accord is supported by a DOHC 4 cylinder engine with 16 valves i-VTEC which has an engine capacity of 2,356 cc which is capable of producing a maximum power of 176 PS at 6,200 RPM with a maximum torque of 225 Nm at 4,000 RPM. With such an engine, the Honda Accord is reported to be able to achieve a Top Speed of up to 200 km/hour. This car is also supported by PGM-FI fuel supply technology and Eart Dreams Technology which makes the Honda Accord more fuel efficient.


    The Honda Accord's power is channeled through a 5-speed automatic transmission which makes acceleration smoother and faster. With this power, this Honda Accord feels very tough and fast when driving on a smooth track typical of urban streets.

    Riding & Control

    For the suspension system, the Honda Accord which uses the MacPherson Strut type on the front side and Independent Multi Link, Coil Spring with Stabilizer will provide maximum handling comfort even when maneuvering. For the braking system that is in the specifications of the Honda Accord, which is a Ventilated Disc type on the front and a non-ventilated disc, it is considered good enough to reduce or stop this car. 

    Honda Accord cars are known for their performance and pleasant handling to carry. Not to mention the various advanced features on Honda Sensing that provide a relaxed driving feeling because some of the driving has been assisted. To provide performance that suits the needs of its users, Honda provides two driving modes for the Accord, namely ECO and Sport. When Sport mode for a more powerful driving is used, the turbo indicator will have a red accent.

    Fuel consumption

    The Accord's fuel consumption figures for each generation, on average, are between 8 km/liter to 12 km/liter. Looking at the fuel consumption of each Accord generation, the 9th generation Honda Accord Facelift is the most economical.

  • Conclusion


    The latest generation Honda Accord in the Philippines can also be juxtaposed with other premium cars circulating in the Philippines. So this Honda Accord is one of the recommendations for those of you who want to find an exclusive luxury car because it offers various advantages and conveniences provided for the driver. Although the price of the Honda Accord looks very high indeed for a sedan. but it looks comparable to what is offered by this Honda sedan.

Honda Accord has total 3 color options in the Philippines: Crystal Black Pearl, Modern Steel Metallic, Platinum White Pearl

  • Honda Accord Crystal Black Pearl
  • Honda Accord Modern Steel Metallic
  • Honda Accord Platinum White Pearl

Crystal Black Pearl

  • How much is Honda Accord in the Philippines?

    The Honda Accord price in the Philippines starts at ₱2,308,000. The lowest price is the 2021 Honda Accord 1.5 Turbo EL, ranging all the way up to the 2021 Honda Accord 1.5 Turbo EL priced at ₱2,308,000.

  • Is the Honda Accord a good car?

    The Honda Accord is a popular car to buy as it offers powerful and efficient engine options as well as premium, spacious interiors. Even used Honda Accord cars offer the premium driving experience.

  • Is Honda Accord manual or automatic?

    We're learning that the 2021 Honda Accord is available with continuously variable CVT transmission

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2021 Honda Accord 1.5 Turbo EL


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