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Body Type Coupe
Segment Sport Car
Engine Displacement 3.9 L
Horsepower 720 PS
Transmission Type AT
Energy Type Fuel
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  • Overview
  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Features
  • Driving Performance
  • Ride Comfort
  • Fuel Comusmption
  • Conclusion
  • Overview

    Ferrari F8 Tributo Overview

    The Ferrari F8 Tributo is the latest V8 mid-rear-engined supercar from Maranelo. As the name implies, it is a tribute to the most powerful V8 engine ever to be fitted on the Prancing Horse’s classic two-seater Berlinetta. 

    The award winning 3.9 litre twin-turbo V8 engine now makes 49 Hp more than it did in its predecessor, the Ferrari 488 GTB, for a grand total of 710 Hp. In all its glory, the engine can be viewed through the new lightweight slated Lexan engine cover, a nod to Ferrari’s most famous model, the F40.

    Malaysia became the first country in the region (after China) to debut the Ferrari F8 Tributo when it was launched back in 2019. It showcases Ferrari’s new design language that will set the foundation for all its future new generation models. It is all yours for a starting price of RM 1,068,000 (excluding duties and options).

  • Exterior

    Ferrari F8 Tributo Exterior

    The overall shape is unmistakably Ferrari with its low nose and raked rear end. The new front end is characterized by the Formula One inspired and downforce enhancing S-Duct. Also featured is a pair of sharper horizontal headlights incorporating extra brake cooling ducts. Side aerodynamic intakes which are integrated into the bumper design feature aerodynamic side splitter creating a visual link rearward behind the wheel and onto the exterior sill covers.

    The pronounced wheel arches and broad shoulder haunches gives the Ferrari its signature taut and aggressive stance. The shape of the side air intakes for the intercooler has been redesigned, highlighting one of the many significant trademarks of a mid-rear-engined V8 Ferrari.

    At the back, there are now four circular taillights, a reference to the past models like the Ferrari 355. Also featured is a larger diffuser and a rear wing that curl upwards at the trailing edge for maximum aerodynamic efficiency. The only carry over parts from the Ferrari 488 are the doors and the roof, the rest are all-new.

    Ferrari F8 Tributo Dimension

    The Ferrari F8 Tributo is positioned between the smaller newly launched Ferrari 296 GTB and the monstrous Ferrari SF90 Stradale in Ferrari’s mid-rear-engined family lineup. With weight savings (1,435 kg) and clever aero trickery, the Ttributo carves through the air with a 10 percent more aerodynamic efficiency, generating more downforce than the Ferrari 488 GTB without any drag penalties.

  • Interior

    Ferrari F8 Tributo Interior

    The interior retains the same driver-oriented cockpit style layout found in the 488 GTB with few subtle differences. The beautifully sculpted leather clad dashboard is underscored by aluminium surrounds on the redesigned circular air vents and carbon fibre trims.

    Behind the new generation button-laden steering wheel and the column mounted paddle shifters is Ferrari’s classic, yellow-faced central rev-counter that redlines at 8000 RPM, flanked by a pair of multi-info digital screens.

    Also available is the optional 7-inch touchscreen passenger-side display. A central bridge houses the transmission controls, between the leather-wrapped Daytona sport seats with new styling. Seating position is spot on as one would expect from a Ferrari.

  • Features

    Ferrari F8 Tributo Features

    Ferrari’s new generation steering wheel is now smaller with revised wheel mounted controls. The iconic Ferrari manettino switch remains as does the cherry-red engine start button on the lower left corner. Also featured on the steering is the Formula One-style shift light indicator.

    The car also comes equipped with Ferrari’s Side Slip Control system, or simply put, the ‘drift’ mode. Now in the latest 6.1 version, the Dynamic Enhancer system now also activates in the RACE (FDE+) position on the manettino switch. 

    By moving the intake from the car’s flanks to either side of the rear blown spoiler, the car’s thermal efficiency is greatly enhanced. And State-of-the-art aerodynamics such as the Formula One inspired S-duct and the flat underbody with front diffuser results in a 10 percent improvement in aerodynamic efficiency.

    The redesigned exhaust manifold is made of Inconel. It is 9.7kg lighter and up to 5dB louder than the Ferrari 488’s. Other standard features include Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes, electronic differential (E-Diff) and F1 traction control system. 

    Modern features like the adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitoring are absent and creature comfort like the Apple CarPlay is available as an optional extra. Android Auto is not available.

  • Driving Performance

    Ferrari F8 Tributo Driving Performance


    Powering the Ferrari F8 Tributo is Ferrari’s award winning 3.9 litre twin-turbo V8 engine, developing a staggering 720 PS at 8,000 RPM (max) and 770 Nm of torque from 3,250 RPM. With a record specific power output of 185 PS/L, it is the most powerful V8 ever to be fitted to a series production Ferrari.

    Century sprint is completed in a mind bending 2.9 seconds and up to a top speed of 340 km/h (211 mph). Additional performance figures include a 0-200 km/h time of 7.8 seconds. That is faster than the time it takes for some hot hatches to reach 100 km/h.each gear, ramping up the maximum torque gradually as you go up the gears to give it a linear power delivery and a more progressive feel to the acceleration. Much like a naturally aspirated engine with zero turbo lag. 

    And despite the forced induction layout, the V8 soundtrack is still very much music to your ears as we have known for a while now. The new Inconel exhaust system and the newly introduced Hot Tube Resonator that channels frequency from the exhaust into the cabin further enhances the theatrical experience of the V8 engine.


    Power is sent to the rear wheels via Ferrari’s world class 7-speed dual clutch transmission with Formula One racing technology. The lightning fast and precise shifting renders manual gearboxes obsolete. The column mounted paddle shifters have a slightly longer throw and adds some tactility to the process of gear shifting in manual mode, much like pulling a trigger.


  • Ride Comfort

    Ferrari F8 Tributo Ride Comfort

    The Ferrari F8 Tributo's re-tuned magnetorheological dampers (magnetic dampers) greatly enhances its ride comfort and is surprisingly supple for a supercar. Push the "bumpy road" button on the steering wheel, and they switch to an even softer setting. 

    It glides over road imperfections but never feels distant or disconnected. The cabin is impressively quiet on the highway too. Its steering is light, precise and almost telepathic, arguably bordering hyperactive. And needless to say, the Ferrari changes direction fast and explodes out of corners when its pointing at the right direction. 

  • Fuel Comusmption

    Ferrari F8 Tributo Fuel Consumption

    Ferrari claims a fuel consumption of 12.9 L/100 km on a combined cycle.

  • Conclusion

    Ferrari F8 Tributo Conclusion

    With all the clever electronic gubbins running in the background, some may argue that Ferraris are essentially super computers on wheels. But getting behind the wheels of the F8 Tributo and you will find that the sensations are still very much engagingly analogue. 

    With all the down-sizing exercise and the hybridization of engine, the future of Ferrari’s V8 engine is uncertain. The Ferrari F8 Tributo could very well be the last of its kind and if it is, it will be a perfect send-off for the long lineage of mid-engined V8 berlinettas.

Ferrari F8 Tributo has total 16 color options in the Philippines: Black, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Titanium Grey, Blu Abu Dhabi, Azzurro California, Blu Mirabeau, Blu Swaters, Blu Pozzi, Blu Tour De France, Gray, Racing Red, Gun Metal Grey, Race Blue, Iron Gray

  • Ferrari F8 Tributo Black
  • Ferrari F8 Tributo Yellow
  • Ferrari F8 Tributo Orange
  • Ferrari F8 Tributo Blue
  • Ferrari F8 Tributo Titanium Grey
  • Ferrari F8 Tributo Blu Abu Dhabi
  • Ferrari F8 Tributo Azzurro California
  • Ferrari F8 Tributo Blu Mirabeau
  • Ferrari F8 Tributo Blu Swaters
  • Ferrari F8 Tributo Blu Pozzi
  • Ferrari F8 Tributo Blu Tour De France
  • Ferrari F8 Tributo Gray
  • Ferrari F8 Tributo Racing Red
  • Ferrari F8 Tributo Gun Metal Grey
  • Ferrari F8 Tributo Race Blue
  • Ferrari F8 Tributo Iron Gray


  • How much is Ferrari F8 Tributo in the Philippines?

    The Ferrari F8 Tributo price in the Philippines starts at ₱0. The lowest price is the 2021 Ferrari F8 Tributo 3.9L, ranging all the way up to the 2021 Ferrari F8 Tributo 3.9L priced at ₱0.

  • Is the Ferrari F8 Tributo a good car?

    The Ferrari F8 Tributo is a popular car to buy as it offers powerful and efficient engine options as well as premium, spacious interiors. Even used Ferrari F8 Tributo cars offer the premium driving experience.

  • Is Ferrari F8 Tributo manual or automatic?

    We're learning that the 2021 Ferrari F8 Tributo is available with continuously variable AT transmission

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