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Displacement 373.3 cc
Category Sport
Start Option Electric
Maximum Power 34.5 hp
Number Of Strokes 4-Stroke
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  • Overview
  • Design
  • Powertrain
  • Ride & Handling
  • Engine & Fuel Consumption
  • Braking & Safety
  • Summary
  • Overview

    The Kawasaki-Bajaj Dominar 400 UG is one of the most affordable tollway legal motorcycles from a reputable brand. Ever since its launch in India, the riding community here in our country had been anticipating for this model. And now, it’s here and ready to give the riders the experience to their most thrilling adventures. This sports-touring bike is macho, adventurous, and dominating. It was born to sprint and built for touring. The newest machine that has arrived in our country that is perfect for the entry-level big biker market. Priced at Php 198,900, it makes leisure riding more affordable to all.

    Variant and Price

    The 2022 Kawasaki-Bajaj Dominar 400 UG price in the Philippines is ₱198,900, and it is available in 1 variants in the Philippines.

    Variant  Price
    Kawasaki Dominar 400 Standard ₱198,900 
  • Design

    The Kawasaki-Bajaj Dominar 400 UG exterior looks big and muscular, adding to its road presence whether in the city streets or open roads. The inverted front fork blends well with the bike’s over all meaty appearance while the mono shock suspension at the rear give it a clean look. Adding to its sporty appeal is the chin scoop panel under the engine. The radiator is tucked-in nicely into the engine set up and it well-protected by steel crash bars on each side. While the Dominar 400 UG has sharp, muscular lines, the decals and color scheme are subdued.

    Split Reverse LCD Display Accessorized brilliantly with a split reverse LCD display, its riding experience is as unique and stylish as can be.  The Kawasaki-Bajaj Dominar 400 UG is fully equipped with fault safety indications, clock, service reminder, and trip meter with digital fuel gauge.

  • Powertrain

    The Kawasaki-Bajaj Dominar 400 UG shares its platform with the KTM 390 Duke. With its 4-valve, fuel injected, liquid-cooled, 373cc, DTS-i engine, the Dominar 400 will surely make you dominate each and every road you will take. This is an absolute joy to ride due to highly optimized power & torque output suited for high-speed driving with optimum cooling efficiency. It produces 40 HP at 8,650 rpm and 35 Nm at 6,500 rpm. Transferring power to the rear wheel is 6-speed manual transmission that is ideal for long distance cruising.

  • Ride & Handling

    The riding ergonomics of the Kawasaki-Bajaj Dominar 400 UG allows the rider to sit upright in a neutral position. This helps prevent rider fatigue when spending long periods on the saddle. However, riding two-up for long distances might not be so comfortable for the pillion. The passenger seat is a bit thin and narrow and it offers minimal support. Engine vibration might also be a bit of an issue as the Dominar 400 sports a single-cylinder mill.

    The 183-kilogram weight of the Dominar 400 give it stability on open roads and it will surely be a welcome feature when blasting through crosswinds along the tollways. The downside is that the weight might pose as an issue when navigating congested urban areas, especially for novice riders.

    The inverted front fork and the dual-spring mono suspension at the rear is well-suited for corner-carving on mountain roads but it could be a bit stiff for some riders who frequent the potholed city streets.

  • Engine & Fuel Consumption


    The Kawasaki-Bajaj Dominar 400 UG provide gasoline engine in the Philippines.

    Engine Type

    4 Stroke, DOHC, Single-Cylinder, DTS-i 
    Maximum Power 40 HP @ 8650 rpm 
    Maximum Torque 35 Nm @ 6500 rpm 
    Transmission 6-Speed Gear Box 
    Fuel Tank13 Liters 
    Cooling System Liquid-Cooled 

    Fuel Consumption

    The Kawasaki-Bajaj Dominar 400 UG's single cylinder engine is equipped with Twin-spark technology. This means one combustion chamber utilizes two spark plugs to maximize fuel combustion. Hence, every bit of power is squeezed out from every drop of petrol, achieving the best possible fuel efficiency. The Kawasaki-Bajaj Dominar 400 UG fuel consumption is 29 to 30 kilometers per liter.

  • Braking & Safety

    The Kawasaki-Bajaj Dominar 400 UG sports dual channel ABS to ensure effective braking at various conditions. It also comes fitted with crash bars to help protect the rider’s legs in case of a spill. These bars could also be used to mount auxiliary lights to aid the rider during night time distance riding. The Dominar 400 is fully equipped with fault safety indications, clock, service reminder, and trip meter with digital fuel gauge.

  • Summary

    The Kawasaki-Bajaj Dominar 400 UG is a revolutionary motorcycle model made available in the Philippines through the partnership of Kawasaki and Bajaj. Because of this, a tollway legal motorcycle became more affordable to the average Filipino rider. It also offers would-be big bike riders an excellent starter bike while still getting acquainted with the leisure riding lifestyle.

    For its price, you get adequate performance in a big, muscular package. You also get safety features that are expected of bikes in its category. Marketed as a sport-touring motorcycle, the Dominar 400 certainly has the ergonomics and riding dynamics to support its claim. Moreover, it also offers fuel efficiency numbers within the range of commuter bikes, making it also an ideal daily rider. Though, it might be a bit of a challenge for some to ride it in congested urban traffic.

    Boasting of a shared platform with a popular European motorcycle model, the Dominar 400 can be expected to adhere to international standards when it comes to quality. It offers a reliable service life that is worthy of the investment.  

What Kawasaki Dominar 400 color do you like? Kawasaki Dominar 400 2023 has a total of 1 color choices in the Philippines: Grey

  • Kawasaki Dominar 400 Grey


  • How much is Kawasaki Dominar 400 in the Philippines?

    The Kawasaki Dominar 400 price in the Philippines starts at ₱175,000. The lowest price is the 2021 Kawasaki Dominar 400 Standard, ranging all the way up to the 2021 Kawasaki Dominar 400 Standard priced at ₱175,000.

  • Is the Kawasaki Dominar 400 a good motorcycle?

    The Kawasaki Dominar 400 is a popular motorcycle to buy as it offers powerful and efficient engine options as well as premium, spacious interiors. Even used Kawasaki Dominar 400 motorcycles offer the premium driving experience.

  • What models does Kawasaki Dominar 400 have?

    Kawasaki Dominar 400 models in the Philippines: 2021 Kawasaki Dominar 400 Standard.

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