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Displacement 292 cc
Category Scooter
Start Option Electric
Maximum Power 27.6 hp
Number Of Strokes 4-Stroke
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  • Overview
  • Design
  • Engine & Fuel Consumption
  • Handling
  • Braking & Safety
  • Summary
  • Overview

    The Yamaha XMAX is a luxury performance scooter that embodies the renowned TMAX DNA. It offers a premium riding experience with its dynamic looks, premium finish, and signature boomerang motif, while also providing boundless capacity. Powered by a liquid-cooled 292cc engine, the XMAX excels in both performance and fuel efficiency. It comes equipped with a range of features such as antilock braking, traction control, a modern digital instrument cluster, spacious under-seat storage, and a luxurious dual-stepped seat.

    As a top-selling scooter globally, the 2023 Yamaha XMAX continues to impress riders with its advanced connected instruments, enhanced riding comfort, and improved functionality. This scooter sets a new standard for luxury and performance in the market.

     Length  2185 mm 
     Width 775 mm
     Height 1415 mm
     Curb Weight 179 kg
     Seat Height 795 mm
     Ground Clearance 135 mm

  • Design

    The Yamaha XMAX boasts a bold and modern design, incorporating sporty dual headlights reminiscent of the latest TMAX model. Its stylish appearance sets it apart from Yamaha's smaller SMAX 155, exuding a higher-end feel.

    This revamped XMAX design includes LED lighting for both the headlights and taillights, enhancing visibility and adding to its contemporary look. Notably, keyless ignition, facilitated by Yamaha's "Smart Key" system, eliminates the need for inserting a key and provides easy access to start the scooter.

    Moreover, the XMAX offers rider-centric amenities such as adjustable handlebars, allowing a 20mm range of movement, and a 2-position windscreen that can be lifted by 2 inches for personalized comfort.

    The scooter's ample storage capacity is a standout feature, with a large two-tier under-seat space capable of accommodating dual full-face helmets. Additionally, the legshield area provides two additional storage cubbies, one with a 12V power outlet for charging electronic devices.

  • Engine & Fuel Consumption

    The powertrain of the Yamaha XMAX is a remarkable engineering feat, featuring a brand new 292cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected engine with a single-cylinder design. What sets it apart is the ingenious mounting within the swingarm, giving the scooter a unique edge.

    The engine boasts higher-end features, including an aluminum cylinder with a ceramic bore and a compression ratio of 10.9:1. With 27.6 horsepower at 7250 RPM, the XMAX 300 offers excellent performance, reaching a top speed of over 100 mph. Yamaha has added traction control for enhanced safety during challenging road launches.

    For those seeking more power, the option to swap in the 32.9 HP, 395cc engine from the XMAX 400 is available, given the shared frames and bodies between the scooters.

    Additionally, the XMAX 300 impresses with its fuel efficiency, delivering approximately 70 mpg according to Yamaha's claims. This makes the scooter not only powerful but also highly economical for riders seeking both performance and cost-effectiveness.

  • Handling

    The Yamaha XMAX delivers a fun and thrilling sports scooter experience with impressive handling. Equipped with standard ABS and traction control, it ensures safe rides on various roads. The higher-end triple clamp fork improves handling and damping feel, while the single-disc braking system with ABS makes it agile and safe. With a relatively low weight, the XMAX is nimble and responsive. Its design includes a large motorcycle-type front fork for optimal strength and chassis rigidity, enhancing handling and shock absorption. The hydraulic telescopic forks at the front and unit swing suspension at the rear offer a comfortable ride, and the 15-inch front wheel and 14-inch rear wheel with potent disc brakes enhance stopping power and handling characteristics.

  • Braking & Safety

    The Yamaha XMax features a premium disc brake setup at both ends, with a 267 mm front and 245 mm rear disc, delivering excellent braking capabilities. To enhance safety, the scooter comes standard with a dual-channel Antilock Braking System (ABS) and Traction Control System, crucial for its size to prevent wheel spin and locking.

    This aspect highlights the brilliance of the Yamaha XMax, justifying its higher price tag. Equipped with premium features like dual-channel ABS, traction control, keyless ignition, adjustable front windshield, and an electric power socket for charging smartphones, the XMax offers a top-notch riding experience.

  • Summary

    The Yamaha XMAX is a luxury performance scooter with dynamic looks and impressive handling. Its liquid-cooled 292cc engine offers both power and fuel efficiency, while the higher-end triple clamp fork and standard ABS enhance its agility. Equipped with a premium disc brake setup, dual-channel ABS, and traction control, the XMAX ensures safe and confident rides. This scooter sets new standards for luxury and performance in its class.

What Yamaha Xmax color do you like? Yamaha Xmax 2023 has a total of 2 color choices in the Philippines: Grey, Bronze

  • Yamaha Xmax Grey
  • Yamaha Xmax Bronze


  • How much is Yamaha Xmax in the Philippines?

    The Yamaha Xmax price in the Philippines starts at ₱249,000. The lowest price is the 2021 Yamaha Xmax Standard, ranging all the way up to the 2021 Yamaha Xmax Standard priced at ₱249,000.

  • Is the Yamaha Xmax a good motorcycle?

    The Yamaha Xmax is a popular motorcycle to buy as it offers powerful and efficient engine options as well as premium, spacious interiors. Even used Yamaha Xmax motorcycles offer the premium driving experience.

  • What models does Yamaha Xmax have?

    Yamaha Xmax models in the Philippines: 2021 Yamaha Xmax Standard.

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