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KYMCO is the abbreviation and global brand under Kwang Yang Motor Company headquartered in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. KYMCO is founded on February 5, 1963 by Mr. G.S. Ko. It started its commercial operation in June 1, 1964.It was introduced to the world market in 1992 and starts the worldwide brand marketing. It has over 3,800 employees in KYMCO Group of companies. It consistently attained No.1 Market Share in Taiwan for 19 successive years from 1999 – 2018.

Types of Kymco Motorcycles

Kymco ScooterKymco Like 125 Italia, Kymco Xciting S 400i, Kymco KRV 180i TCS, Kymco KRV 180i DDS, Kymco Like 150i, Kymco Downtown 350i TCS, Kymco XTOWN CT 300i, Kymco Super 8 150, Kymco Super Z 150, Kymco AK550, Kymco XTOWN 300i, Kymco DT X360
Kymco StreetKymco Kargador 150
Kymco MopedKymco VISA R

Kymco New Motorcycle Price List

Kymco Motorcycle Models Price
Kymco VISA R Price
₱ 43,900 - 45,900
Kymco Like 125 Italia Price
₱ 84,900
Kymco Xciting S 400i Price
₱ 359,000
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  • What is the price of an Kymco motorbike in Philippines?

    The cheapest Kymco motorcycle price in Philippines is ₱ 43,900.
  • How many Kymco motorcycle models are there?

    There are 14 models of Kymco motorcycles in Philippines.
  • What are the cheapest and most expensive Kymco motorcycles?

    The cheapest Kymco motorcycles model is 2021 Kymco VISA R Spoke ₱ 43,900.The most expensive Kymco motorcycles model is 2021 Kymco AK550 Standard ₱ 549,000.