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Displacement 399 cc
Category Sport
Start Option Electric
Maximum Power 48.9 hp
Number Of Strokes 4-Stroke
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  • Overview
  • Design
  • Powertrain
  • Handling
  • Ride Comfort
  • Quality & Reliability
  • Value
  • Engine & Fuel Consumption
  • Braking & Safety
  • Summary
  • Overview

    Kawasaki has given the Ninja 400 ABS a makeover for 2023, catering to riders seeking a stylish and versatile bike for both urban and twisty roads. Despite its compact size, the Ninja 400 boasts a potent 399cc liquid-cooled, parallel-twin engine, pumping out 45 horsepower and 37Nm of torque for an agile and exhilarating ride. Equipped with a six-speed transmission and slipper clutch, seamless downshifting is a breeze. Enhancing its maneuverability is the lightweight trellis frame, ensuring nimble handling at every turn. The Ninja 400's braking system comprises a 310mm front disc and a 220mm rear disc, delivering reliable stopping power and control. For an added layer of safety, ABS is available as an optional upgrade.

    Designed to cater to both new and seasoned riders, it offers approachable power, comfortable ergonomics, and exhilarating performance. Boasting a low seat height and stylish LED headlights, the Ninja 400 is the ultimate choice for those eager to embark on the thrilling world of sport riding.

  • Design

    The Ninja 400 boasts a fierce and intimidating appearance, thanks to its angular front hood featuring dual LED headlights and a sleek elongated tail with captivating LED taillights.

    Its bold and muscular design gives it a mean and commanding presence on the road. The bike's slightly taller and more upright stance adds to its overall appeal. The captivating shade of green, reminiscent of the venomous green mamba, adds a touch of excitement, especially when paired with a matching riding jacket and helmet. In person, the Ninja 400 is truly a sight to behold, with its stunning and distinctive appearance that ensures it stands out from the crowd.


    L/W/H (mm)   2020/710/1120   
      Wheelbase  1370 mm
      Ground Clearance  140 mm
      Seat Height  785 mm
      Kerb Weight  173 kg
      Fuel Capacity
      14 litres
  • Powertrain

    The Ninja 400 retains its reliable 399cc parallel twin engine, but the move to BS6 emission standards has slightly affected its performance. With a decrease of 4hp in power (now at 45hp) and 1Nm in torque (now at 37Nm), the Ninja 400 remains the leader in its class, edging out the 390 KTMs by a mere 1.5hp.

    Engine 399cc, 4-stroke, Parallel Twin, DOHC, liquid-cooled
    Power 44.8 Hp
    Bore x Stroke 70.0 x 51.8mm
    Compression Ratio 11.5:1
    Fuel System DFI® with dual 32mm throttle bodies
    Starter Electric
    Electronic Rider Aids -
  • Handling

    With its impressive ground clearance, the Ninja 400 allows for greater lean angles, enhancing its agility on the road. The slim and nimble design of this parallel-twin bike further adds to its maneuverability. Its shorter wheelbase of 1370 mm, typically found in smaller displacement motorcycles, contributes to its remarkable agility. Equipped with high-performance tires, the Ninja 400 delivers exceptional grip once they reach optimal temperature. This combination of features makes it a formidable force in the hands of skilled riders, offering thrilling performance and precise cornering abilities.

  • Ride Comfort

    The Ninja 400 sets the standard for comfort with its exceptional seat design. Offering ample space and ideal cushioning, it ensures a comfortable ride for riders of all sizes. The well-thought-out rider's triangle strikes the perfect balance, providing a sporty yet comfortable riding position. This thoughtful design doesn't compromise the bike's corner-carving capabilities, making it a versatile choice for any rider.

    The Ninja 400 maintains its suspension setup with non-adjustable telescopic forks and preload-adjustable monoshocks. While this configuration performs well, it would have been great to see an upside-down fork, a feature embraced by its rivals. Nevertheless, the ride quality is impressive, handling most road conditions with ease. Even when encountering larger potholes and sharp bumps, the comfort level remains high.

    FRAME TYPE Trellis, high-tensile steel
    RAKE / TRAIL 24.7° / 92 mm
    TYRE - FRONT 110/70 - 17 M/C 54H
    TYRE - REAR 150/60 - 17 M/C 66H
    WHEELBASE 1,370 mm
    SEAT HEIGHT 785 mm
  • Quality & Reliability

    The 2023 Kawasaki Ninja 400 impresses with its outstanding build quality. From precise panel fit to high-quality plastics, well-placed and responsive switchgear, and impeccable paintwork, every detail exudes a premium feel.

  • Value

  • Engine & Fuel Consumption

    The Ninja showcased its blistering acceleration, going from 0 to 100 km/h in a mere 5.25 seconds during our performance test. With its rev limit set at 12,000 rpm, it has the potential to reach a top speed of 185 km/h according to the speedometer.

    Ninja's engine is a user-friendly power source that delivers a smooth yet powerful midrange. It remains refined throughout, with minimal vibration at higher revs.

  • Braking & Safety

    When it comes to braking, the Ninja 400 showcases its stopping prowess by coming to a complete halt from 60kph in just 17.13m. While it may feel slightly less aggressive at first, it quickly proves its ample stopping power.

    Kawasaki has equipped the bike with petal discs in the front and a traditional setup in the rear. While the lever feedback and initial bite could use some improvement, the presence of ABS provides added reassurance. Experienced riders may find themselves less reliant on it, but it's always good to have that extra layer of safety.

    BRAKE - FRONT Single 286 mm disc
    CALIPER - FRONT Dual-piston
    BRAKE - REAR Single 193 mm disc
    CALIPER - REAR Dual-piston
  • Summary

    With its winning combination of speed, agility, performance, and sleek aesthetics, the Ninja 400 delivers an exhilarating and satisfying ride. Packed with impressive features, it confidently stands up against other Japanese motorcycles in its category, making it an ideal option for those venturing into the thrilling realm of sportbikes.

What Kawasaki Ninja 400 color do you like? Kawasaki Ninja 400 2024 has a total of 1 color choices in the Philippines: Black

  • Kawasaki Ninja 400 Black


  • How much is Kawasaki Ninja 400 in the Philippines?

    The Kawasaki Ninja 400 price in the Philippines starts at ₱331,000. The lowest price is the 2021 Kawasaki Ninja 400 Standard, ranging all the way up to the 2021 Kawasaki Ninja 400 Standard priced at ₱331,000.

  • Is the Kawasaki Ninja 400 a good motorcycle?

    The Kawasaki Ninja 400 is a popular motorcycle to buy as it offers powerful and efficient engine options as well as premium, spacious interiors. Even used Kawasaki Ninja 400 motorcycles offer the premium driving experience.

  • What models does Kawasaki Ninja 400 have?

    Kawasaki Ninja 400 models in the Philippines: 2021 Kawasaki Ninja 400 Standard.

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