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Nissan 370Z Car News in the Philippines

  • SCOOP: Nissan Philippines to launch 400Z on March 2023, followed by Terra Sport

    Nissan Philippines is cooking up something really special next month. AutoFun Philippines has received new information confirming the upcoming launch of the Nissan 400Z on March 2023, along with a new Nissan Terra variant called the Terra Sport. On January 2023, the Japanese brand announced at its media thanksgiving party that a performance vehicle was on its way. The information made many believe that the 400Z was coming to the Philippines. To add to this, the head of one of the brand’s larger

    Joey DeriquitoJoey Deriquito

    Feb 13, 2023

  • Cars made for dating: Liven up your Valentine's Day drive with these rides

    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And we assume that you're reading this because you have an affinity for cars too. And for you, driving with your date is an experience worth cherishing. So setting up the perfect date with your significant other or potential person of affection, wheels included, ranks high on your priority list. It isn't easy to arrive on time for a rendezvous – and thus impress your selected would-be partner if you don’t have an automobile to bring you and your bae to

    Jude MorteJude Morte

    Feb 9, 2023

  • Is this the future of the Nissan Z? Max-Out roadster EV concept makes real-world debut

    As reported earlier, Nissan officially debuted the real-world version of its Max-Out electric roadster concept on Feb. 2, 2023. The drop-top two-seater combines the classic sports car silhouette with design cues from the 1980s and the 24th century. The wedge-like profile starts with a blunt nose up front, leading up to an enormous windshield that cuts in the hood. The funky wheels, which have a nice fender gap, appear to be screens. Out back, you get a relatively short rear end combined with a s

    VJ BacunganVJ Bacungan

    Feb 2, 2023

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