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  • AutoFun Philippines Rearview Roundup: Hot models not yet in the Philippines and an EV price drop

    Another weekend, another edition of AutoFun Philippines Rearview Roundup. We’ve been seeing a lot of new models coming out in other parts of the world, many of which may find their way to our shores. Check out the top five stories from March 13 to 17, 2023. Bring it in, Honda! The Honda WR-V is the strongest predator of the Toyota Raize. And following its global debut in Indonesia, it’s now in Thailand, too. Sporting mechanicals from the Honda City and Honda BR-V, the WR-V is the littlest crosso

    VJ BacunganVJ Bacungan

    Mar 19, 2023

  • 2023 Nissan LEAF to go down to ₱1.9 M price range thanks to E.O. 12

    The Nissan LEAF (Specs | News) is the brand’s only fully electric vehicle in the Philippines. It initially debuted in May 2021 with an eye-watering pricetag of ₱2,798,000 but brought new technology for cleaner and greener mobility. However, since the implementation of Executive Order No. 12 in 2023, duties for the importation of electric vehicles (EVs) have been relegated to 0% to make them more accessible to the buying public. With the new E.O. in place, car manufacturers with electric vehicles

    Joey DeriquitoJoey Deriquito

    Mar 16, 2023

  • Nissan U.S. has started using electric trucks to transport new vehicles to dealerships

    In line with its goal of being carbon neutral across all its operations by 2050, Nissan USA has started using electric trucks to transport its new vehicles from the Port of Los Angeles to a network of dealers in the Los Angeles area. There are currently two electric trucks in the fleet, but Nissan said that it will add more later on. The two Class 8 electric trucks used by the Japanese brand were made in partnership with Nikola and Kenworth. The project is also being developed by the transport c

    Joey DeriquitoJoey Deriquito

    Mar 2, 2023

  • BYD Philippines sees over ₱200,000 or more drop in vehicle pricing thanks to PBBM E.O. No.12

    The effects of the Executive Order No.12 signed by President Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos Jr., which effectively cut import duties of battery electric vehicles to 0% are now being felt with price changes to electric vehicles (EVs) nationwide. Brands like BYD Philippines has already adjusted its price list to reflect this change. The automaker has slashed the pricing of its electric vehicles by about ₱200,000 or more, depending on the model. Here are the old and new price lists of BYD. Model Price

    Joey DeriquitoJoey Deriquito

    Feb 22, 2023

  • It's no longer just Point A to B: Nissan's EV batteries go beyond car use

    Nissan wants you to make the most out of your Electric Vehicle (EV), as it hosted a panel discussion about its Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology and its EV ecosystem. The Japanese brand aims to fully use the potential of its electric vehicles from their battery packs and beyond while being environmentally friendly. To achieve this, the Japanese company is adopting various sustainability measures along with its push toward electric mobility. Charging the way for the future Nissan believes th

    Joey DeriquitoJoey Deriquito

    Feb 22, 2023

  • Nissan Philippines commits to a stronger 2023; hints introduction of Nissan 400Z

    Nissan Philippines recently celebrated its achievements for 2022 with members of the media with its thanksgiving event. While the night was filled with fun and activities, Nissan also laid out a few of its plans for the future, hinting at more exciting products and services for 2023. Celebrating the achievements of 2022 Nissan President Juan Manuel Hoyos started the festivities by highlighting the brand's significant milestones in 2022 while thanking the media for their immense contributions to

    Joey DeriquitoJoey Deriquito

    Feb 1, 2023

  • Why are Electric Vehicles still so expensive in the Philippines?

    With the passing of the EVIDA Law in the Philippines, Hybrid Electric Vehicles and Battery Electric Vehicles, or HEV's and BEVs for short, are starting to pop up in the market from all different kinds of manufacturers. The Electric Vehicle Industry Development Act (EVIDA), Republic Act No. 11697 is primarily focused on developing a manufacturing industry for electric vehicles. It also reinforces the EV-specific importation provisions of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) law i

    Mark PolicarpioMark Policarpio

    Dec 26, 2022

  • Every EV available in the Philippines today

    EVs in the Philippines are starting to make their way into the public consciousness. What before was just one is now several, with more on the way, not forgetting that they’re bringing their hybrid cousins with them to the party. But what EVs are even available in the country? Nissan Leaf So the OG EV in the country is the Nissan Leaf. As the first to be sold, it was a lightning bolt to the other car companies operating here, telling them, “Hey. The Philippines is gearing up to welcome EVs. If y

    Mark PolicarpioMark Policarpio

    Dec 8, 2022

  • Read this before buying an EV

    Just like how different cars use different types of fuels, Electric vehicles use different types of chargers to accommodate different types of charging speeds and methods. Level 1: Typical wall outlet charger The original, and by far the slowest, is charging through your regular wall socket with a 220V slow charging system. With our current Output voltage and frequency of 220V and 60Hz, the fastest we can charge a typical vehicle on a wall socket is around 3 to 4 hours for a small battery like t

    Mark PolicarpioMark Policarpio

    Nov 27, 2022

  • Only zero-emissions cars to be sold in New York by 2035

    The Big Apple is following the lead of California as New York's governor announces that the state will only allow zero-emissions vehicles to be sold in the state. Governor Kathy Hochul, in a Tweet, shared that "All new vehicles sold in New York must be zero emissions by 2035." "By revving up our clean transportation transition and making major investments to make EVs more accessible, we’re supercharging our fight against climate change," Hochul said in her Tweet. This announcement includes passe

    Jude MorteJude Morte

    Oct 2, 2022

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