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  • Why is the Almost 5-Million-Peso 2022 Nissan Patrol a Steal?

    There's no certainty and guarantee that we can get what we have paid for. Nutrition facts at the back of a granola bar wrap aren't always a fact – and we are aware of that fact. But there are tests that we can do to determine the credibility of the seller and quality of the product or service, tests that the professionals or we can do. Nissan Motor Corporation Nissan is and has always been among the world's top five best Japanese car manufacturers. Its legacy and craftsmanship are known for deca


    Sep 12, 2022

  • The 2022 Nissan Patrol: A Premium SUV Tailor-made for VIPs

    Luxury and performance are always a pair with Nissan’s premium SUV Patrol Royale - an upgraded eight-seater vehicle that is often used by upstate people and performance-after individuals. As the Japanese manufacturer unveiled its 2022 version, it caught the attention of potential SUV buyers in the local market. But before heading to the nearest Nissan dealership, get familiarized with what the 2022 Patrol Royale has to offer. 2022 Nissan Patrol Prices and Colors The 2022 Nissan Patrol Royale is


    Sep 11, 2022

  • The 2022 Nissan Patrol's Powertrain is Synergy in Motion

    What do you look for in a vehicle? Does it have to be aesthetically pleasing inside and outside? Maybe you are after your and your loved ones' safety? Or are you after a vehicle's stunning road performance, and you always have to drive a car that is always on top of its game? Your reasons for choosing a particular car over another come from your priorities. There are usually two schools of thought regarding finding the right car. Car enthusiasts don't settle for less; they typically look for a v


    Sep 9, 2022

  • 2022 Nissan Patrol's Fuel Consumption: What can we expect from the V8 engine?

    What do you have in mind upon knowing that the 2022 Nissan Patrol Royale comes with a powerful 5.6-liter V8 engine that can make up to 405 horses at 5,800 rpm and 560-Newton meters of torque at 4,000 rpm? Mind-blowing engine properties for a sport utility vehicle, right? I have imagined it working like a beast on the road like a sports car, only that you have all the members of your family as it can accommodate up to eight passengers. Imagine how enjoyable it would be to cruise with a high-perfo


    Sep 5, 2022

  • Five Reasons Why the 2022 Nissan Patrol is the Better Buy Versus the Competition

    Like there are different character levels in your favorite role-playing game, there are also vehicle classes that differentiate the roles of various car models. The sedan can accommodate up to five full-grown adults, a heavy-duty pickup truck that can typically lift around 800 kilos of cargo weight, and a sports car that is perfect for motorsport enthusiasts. But the most popular vehicle class in the Philippines is the SUV segment, a staple choice for families and individuals looking for a spaci


    Sep 3, 2022

  • Nissan Patrol Highlights Intelligent Mobility on Its Platinum Year

    As Nissan has celebrated the 70th-anniversary iteration of the automotive icon Nissan Patrol last year, the Japanese automaker highlighted an upgrade for its Platinum Year – the all-new advanced Nissan Intelligent Mobility suite. It is a long list of developed innovations that make the Nissan Patrol smarter than ever. It includes class-leading features that contribute to the Nissan Patrol’s “Hero of All Terrains” reputation. This suite includes Intelligent Cruise Control, Intelligent Emergency B


    Aug 31, 2022

  • Is the Nissan Patrol's 71-year Legacy Enough to Topple the Toyota Land Cruiser's Reign?

    Throughout its 71 years, the Nissan Patrol has always been on top regarding sophistication, comfort, and performance. But the spotlight isn't always on the Patrol; as its closest rival in the market, the Toyota Land Cruiser has also been drawing a legacy in the automotive field since 1951. Since they share the same goals in persuading customers that each of them is better, they were always compared to gauge which stands out each production year. Over the exterior profile, car buyers in its categ


    Aug 29, 2022

  • Four Pros and Three Cons of the 2022 Nissan Patrol Royale --Was the Wait Worth It?

    Nissan Patrol has always been on top of its game in being the best in several factors in its category. There's no need to elaborate to someone who knows vehicles how Nissan Patrol is great and superior in every way. As Nissan unveils its 2022 Nissan Patrol Royale in the country, the whole automotive industry is keeping an eye to know its pros and cons this year. Pros The exterior profile is bold and premium The exterior profile of the Nissan Patrol has always been premium-looking over other SUV


    Aug 2, 2022

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