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KIA Picanto Car News in the Philippines

  • AutoFun Philippines Rearview Roundup: All-new and not yet here!

    It’s Sunday again, which means it’s time for the AutoFun Philippines Rearview Roundup! You read this the day before Independence Day, which is the date when the Philippines was freed from the shackles of over three centuries of Spanish colonial rule (that was then followed by decades of additional colonial rule under the Americans and the Japanese). It’s also the rainy season now – strong showers are now hitting various parts of the country as a counterbalance to the searing heat in the first ha

    VJ BacunganVJ Bacungan

    Jun 11, 2023

  • Baby EV9? 2024 Kia Picanto facelift photos leaked ahead of official debut

    The current-generation Kia Picanto hatchback has always had a cuddly and cute appearance. From its pert rear end to its beady headlights, it looks more like a bunny than a small city car. But with the latest leaked photos from South Korea, this rabbit’s got a mean new face. South Korean automotive forum Autospy has released what appears to be official photos of the facelifted Picanto, now sporting a front end reminiscent of the Kia EV9 battery-electric sport-utility vehicle. Much more aggressive

    VJ BacunganVJ Bacungan

    Jun 5, 2023

  • We want the facelifted 2024 Hyundai i10 back as a Toyota Wigo fighter

    The Hyundai i10 has a relatively short history in the Philippines. It was initially brought in to fight the likes of the Kia Picanto, Toyota Wigo and Honda Brio. However, its time in the Philippine market was short-lived as no new generation arrived. In other markets, the i10 nameplate is still alive and well, as the Hyundai hatchback has recently received a minor update. While the facelift doesn’t bring anything revolutionary to the vehicle's design, it does get a few tweaks to its styling, esp

    Joey DeriquitoJoey Deriquito

    Mar 3, 2023

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