Suzuki Grand Vitara

Suzuki Grand Vitara Car News in the Philippines

  • Would the hybrid 2023 Suzuki Grand Vitara be a hit in the Philippines?

    The Vitara remains to be one of Suzuki’s most enduring automotive nameplates in the Philippines. Starting out as a tough and plucky little sport-utility vehicle (SUV) that offered more comfort than the Suzuki Samurai, the Vitara (and later, the larger Grand Vitara) has provided car buyers with alternatives to crossovers like the Toyota RAV4 and the Honda CR-V since the 1990s. In its final form, the Vitara was a funky, five-seat crossover that was sadly discontinued on June 2022, with the carmake

    VJ BacunganVJ Bacungan

    Dec 30, 2022

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