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  • Is the Suzuki Ertiga Still an Exciting Buy?

    Since its 2019 arrival, the Suzuki Ertiga was a fairly reasonable decision for personal transport for starting families or those looking for affordable utility.A sub-Php one million (actually, Php 728,000-Php 978,000) tag at launch, seating for six or seven, and value-for-money creature comforts made the vehicle a good pick. But is it still a considerable choice in projected hard times for the Philippine economy?The case for 'No'That started with the rise in the price of entry, as the 2022 varia


    Sep 7, 2022

  • Suzuki APV and Toyota Alpha - Two Affordable Family Cars in PHL, Reeks of Class

    No doubt about it, the family car can be likened to one magic carpet ride transporting a bunch load of people from point A to B in a matter of seconds. While this metaphor sounds greatly exaggerated, it’s a known fact, however, that family or commercial vehicles (CV) truly do a wonderful job not only of hauling up families on long trips but they can also become reliable work fleets for storing up supplies or other loads as well.So far, Toyota, KIA, Ford, Suzuki, and Honda are the big-name


    Apr 13, 2022

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