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  • 2025 Mini Cooper cabin unveiled, revealing minimalist yet futuristic styling

    Mini USA has revealed the new 2025 Mini Cooper cabin with a teaser video showcasing the new look plus the start-up animation for the infotainment system. The teaser comes after the brand has already revealed the exterior of the new hatchback with simplified and sleeker styling. Like the other Mini Coopers before, the new model adopts the original Mini layout of a simple dashboard with a round gauge in the middle but has modernized it for the 2025 model year. Simple and clean Compared to the prev

    Joey DeriquitoJoey Deriquito

    Jul 22, 2023

  • Cars made for dating: Liven up your Valentine's Day drive with these rides

    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And we assume that you're reading this because you have an affinity for cars too. And for you, driving with your date is an experience worth cherishing. So setting up the perfect date with your significant other or potential person of affection, wheels included, ranks high on your priority list. It isn't easy to arrive on time for a rendezvous – and thus impress your selected would-be partner if you don’t have an automobile to bring you and your bae to

    Jude MorteJude Morte

    Feb 9, 2023

  • Is the electric MINI Cooper SE finally arriving to the Philippines?

    In case you missed it, the iconic MINI brand has a new showroom at Bonifacio Global City. Inaugurated last December 2022, the 753-square-meter facility houses up to four display cars, a receiving lounge area, a quick service section, and a roof deck for social functions and events. As with other MINI showrooms around the world, the signature lifestyle-oriented layout of the new BGC dealership lets owners of the cars live and breathe the brand. A wide variety of merchandise is available for purch

    Mikko DavidMikko David

    Feb 5, 2023

  • Save the Manuals! MINI has a stick driving course in the U.S.

    Learning to drive “stick” is not really unusual in the Philippines – every driving school has a course on that. But in the United States, where automatics have ruled the roost for decades, driving a manual gearbox seems to have become a dying art, to the point that MINI has opened a special program for its American clients. The British carmaker announced in a November 2022 press statement that it will open the MINI Manual Driving School, in light of the brand’s decision to offer three pedals in

    VJ BacunganVJ Bacungan

    Jan 6, 2023

  • Trunkless fun: The best hatchbacks for your buck

    Even amid the sport-utility vehicle craze, the hatchback remains a popular choice for buyers across the world. Unlike a traditional four-door sedan, a hatch has three or five doors with the cargo area integrated into the cabin. If you own a small business and use the family car for work on the side, a hatchback is unbelievably practical because passenger space and cargo space can easily be swapped around, without resorting to buying a huge van. My family has a fleet of vehicles that are exclusiv

    Mark PolicarpioMark Policarpio

    Dec 30, 2022

  • MINI Philippines opens its largest showroom in Bonifacio Global City

    Fans of the British MINI brand will now be able to check out their favorite models in Bonifacio Global City (BGC). Autohub Group Philippines, the distributor of MINI in the country, announced in a December 2022 press statement that it has opened its largest showroom in the bustling business district, located at Block 33 Lot 2 Bonifacio Triangle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. The 753-square-meter showroom can display four cars and has a service center for simple jobs, with more extensive wo

    VJ BacunganVJ Bacungan

    Dec 17, 2022

  • Can the Mini’s Performance Justify Its Pocket-Hurting Price?

    You might think at first that the Mini might be literally ‘mini’ in terms of capabilities and road power. But this iconic car is not just popular for its classic look, but it shows beasty performance on track and around the city. The Mini may have aged in stories for decades, but surely its powertrain components are as fresh as its new-generation lineup. The Mini was passed on different automobile companies for several years. In 2020, the Mini has found its home for 22 years now – BMW. Although


    May 18, 2022

  • Pros and Cons of MINI 3 Door 2022: Is it Worthy to Buy?

    It’s very rare to know a person who don’t like the Mini even for once in their life as this Iconic car was featured in several movie and TV shows like Mr. Bean and The Italian Job. Besides its popularity, the Mini was also loved for decades because of its quirky and unique design which makes it distinct among other cars on the road. Priced from Php2,550,000, see if the new-generation Mini is worthy behind its price. Pros The Mini is an iconic car model. A lot of people, especially car enthusiast


    May 18, 2022

  • MINI 3 Door 2022: 5 Best Features You Should Know to Buy

    There’s too much history when we talk about the iconic Mini, popularly known as Mini Cooper. Before Mr. Bean popularized his citron-green with matte black bonnet Mini on the sitcom in 1990, the Mini was present long before. Originally, British Motor Corporation made the first Mini in 1959 as a solution to narrow European roads before, which was then acquired by British Aerospace in 1988 until it was bought by BMW in 1994. Variants In the year 2000, the fourth-generation Mini was introduced with


    May 18, 2022

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