Land Rover Defender 110

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  • It can 'float' on water! BYD's YangWang 1,115-PS U8 electric luxury SUV takes on off-roading's finest

    Chinese electric-vehicle (EV) maker BYD seems to be going for the jugular with its YangWang U8, which was launched on January 2023. The all-electric sport-utility vehicle (SUV) is poised to take on established luxury marques like Land Rover and Mercedes-Benz with its ladder-frame chassis and four electric motors. Each motor powers one wheel for a combined output of 1,115 PS and over 1,627 Nm of torque. This means the enormous U8 can do 0 to 100 km/h in just three seconds. YangWang said the SUV a


    Jan 11, 2023

  • Now that's a stretch! The Land Rover Defender 130 has arrived!

    Stretched. This is basically what the new Land Rover Defender 130 is when compared to the highly popular Land Rover Defender 120 and the even shorter 3-door Defender 90. And seeing how popular the latter two variants have been since the new series' introduction in 2020, it shouldn't be a surprise if the 8-seater will likewise obtain a cult following. Seating for eight With its 2+3+3 seating configuration, the new Land Rover Defender 130 affords more interior space for a family of adventurers. Wi

    Mikko DavidMikko David

    Dec 3, 2022

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