JAC X200

JAC X200 Car News in the Philippines

  • The Rock-Hard-Steady Mitsubishi L-300

    Year in and year out, day in and day out, the Mitsubishi L-300 can be relied upon to deliver on its uncompromising standard of reliability. The one word that best describes this unassuming workhorse. Bragging rights aside, the knowledge about the said car’s reliability especially in logistic-delivery operations has been greatly acknowledged throughout the years by the striving hordes of Filipino businessmen who were keen on trying to make a decent living out of this reliably-multi-purpose utilit


    Apr 24, 2022

  • Mitsubishi L-300, The Top Gun For Biz

    Omniscient is the word to describe the singularly typical presence of this nimble chariot which can be seen buzzing along daily in most major thoroughfares like busy commercial districts, public or market squares, or better yet, preferably anywhere you can think of. But perhaps, automakers involved in the production of these cars are hell-bent on creating a clone army (much like in the movie Star Wars) smacked-dab for a wholesale invasion of the Philippine archipelago as a heavy volume of these


    Apr 20, 2022

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