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  • Mazda3: Hard to Combine Beauty and Great Performance?

    It would have been quite undoubtedly interesting if there ever was a car version of a Ms. Universe pageant. Imagine all those flaunting specks of white thighs in place of er, slim, and singularly-chiseled quad pipes. (hah! You wish) But of course, such a thing would never happen. It's just one of those run-away goosebumps of fertile-wild imaginings of sorts, we guess. However, the closest thing that ever was to resemble a kind of "car pageant" (we could think of) would be that so-called annual e


    Jul 5, 2022

  • Mazda3 Short Review: 4 Pros and 4 Cons You Must Know

    Mazda3 is arguably one of the best-selling cars in its class, grossing over 6 million units sold as of 2019, according to one reputable source. Adding to this heap of positives, are exhilarating driving dynamics, its fluid-sleekly-engineered flawless design, and a host of other, er, stable of good qualities, more or less. Short of calling it a trailblazer (because of its innovative Skyactiv mill), the car had sparked a modicum of fanfare because of those other exhilirating features found in this


    Jun 23, 2022

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