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  • Ready your checkbook! 5 cars you can buy for the 2024 Nissan GT-R's ₱12.4M pricetag

    The R35 Nissan GT-R is a bit of a miracle in the automotive world – it’s been around for over 15 years. First introduced in 2007, the GT-R was the long-awaited replacement to the legendary R34 Skyline GT-R that had stopped production in 2002. In an industry where new cars tend to pop up every five years, the R35’s incredible longevity is perhaps a testament to its enduring design and performance. In fact, the 2024 Nissan GT-R now cranks out 565 PS and can do 0 to 100 km/h in under 3 seconds – to

    VJ BacunganVJ Bacungan

    May 4, 2023

  • Why are Electric Vehicles still so expensive in the Philippines?

    With the passing of the EVIDA Law in the Philippines, Hybrid Electric Vehicles and Battery Electric Vehicles, or HEV's and BEVs for short, are starting to pop up in the market from all different kinds of manufacturers. The Electric Vehicle Industry Development Act (EVIDA), Republic Act No. 11697 is primarily focused on developing a manufacturing industry for electric vehicles. It also reinforces the EV-specific importation provisions of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) law i

    Mark PolicarpioMark Policarpio

    Dec 26, 2022

  • Every EV available in the Philippines today

    EVs in the Philippines are starting to make their way into the public consciousness. What before was just one is now several, with more on the way, not forgetting that they’re bringing their hybrid cousins with them to the party. But what EVs are even available in the country? Nissan Leaf So the OG EV in the country is the Nissan Leaf. As the first to be sold, it was a lightning bolt to the other car companies operating here, telling them, “Hey. The Philippines is gearing up to welcome EVs. If y

    Mark PolicarpioMark Policarpio

    Dec 8, 2022

  • Take a look at the face lifted Audi Q8 e-tron SUV ahead of Nov. 9 launch

    Audi's first-ever battery-electric vehicle is getting a new name and a facelift this year. The German automaker released a teaser photo of the e-tron SUV and the e-tron Sportback cleverly enveloped in a silhouette. Both models will now have the Q8 nameplate added to the e-tron badge once the unveil happens on Nov. 9, 2022. Confused? Hang on. Although nothing much stands out, what is clear is that the new Q8 e-tron will carry over the pre-facelift e-tron SUV model's cool LED taillights that look

    VJ BacunganVJ Bacungan

    Nov 8, 2022

  • Only zero-emissions cars to be sold in New York by 2035

    The Big Apple is following the lead of California as New York's governor announces that the state will only allow zero-emissions vehicles to be sold in the state. Governor Kathy Hochul, in a Tweet, shared that "All new vehicles sold in New York must be zero emissions by 2035." "By revving up our clean transportation transition and making major investments to make EVs more accessible, we’re supercharging our fight against climate change," Hochul said in her Tweet. This announcement includes passe

    Jude MorteJude Morte

    Oct 2, 2022

  • Audi Confirmed to Compete in 2026 Formula One Season

    The Four Rings are coming back to the pinnacle of motorsport. Audi has confirmed its participation in Formula One as a constructor starting in the 2026 season. Together with sister brand Porsche, the two Volkswagen Group companies are presumed to compete under different setups. Audi will be a full-blown manufacturer entry, while Porsche will be an engine supplier to Red Bull Racing. Porsche is also said to be in the process of buying a 50% stake in the championship-winning team. Audi is currentl

    Mikko DavidMikko David

    Aug 26, 2022

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