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A1 Auto Transport - A Great Choice For Shipping Motorcycles From Overseas

Asceline Krizel · Jun 8, 2023 11:43 AM

A1 Auto Transport - A Great Choice For Shipping Motorcycles From Overseas 01

Source: Upslash

The last thing you want to do when shipping your motorcycle is give it to a company that doesn’t understand how to ship motorcycles. Below we’ll get into how A1 Auto Transport can ship your motorcycle, what to expect during the process and how to prepare your motorcycle for shipment. Let’s get started.

Shipping Options When Shipping Your Motorcycle Overseas


Enclosed shipping is just that, closed. Your motorcycle will be protected from the elements and will prevent any storage or transportation mishaps along the way.

Open air

While a bit of a cheaper option, your motorcycle may endure the open air during transport. If you have a motorcycle you don’t mind having a little rain poured on it, then you can save some money by going with open air transportation.

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Door to door

Door to door is just that, picked up right at your door and taken to its final destination. This will add to the cost, but you can opt to go with.

A1 Auto Transport - A Great Choice For Shipping Motorcycles From Overseas 01

Source: Upslash

Terminal to Terminal

Terminal to terminal means your motorcycle will be shipped to a terminal, and not to your final destination. You can save some money in this manner, but it will be a bit inconvenient if the terminal is far from your destination.

Crated motorcycle transport

Crated motorcycle transport sends your bike on a pallet and is shipped that way. It’s a popular option, but it’s also necessary that you prepare your motorcycle for this type of shipment. You may need to remove the battery and drain any fluid. In some circumstances, mirrors and handlebars will also need to be removed.

How to Prepare Your Motorcycle for International Shipping

Clean Your Bike

Before you hand over your motorcycle, you’re going to want to get it clean. This is so you can take pictures of your motorcycle and know exactly the condition it's in before handing it off. This an important step so that you and the courier are on the same page to the condition the motorcycle was in prior to the shipment.

If any damage were to occur, you want to have photos of your motorcycle in pristine condition so you know that the damage wasn’t there before you handed it off.

Remove any Loose Items

Loose items are not allowed during shipment because they can fall off and damage other motorcycles nearby. You’ll also want to remove any accessories you have hanging off your motorcycle as well as handlebars if required to do so.

Disable Alarm

Disable the alarm to avoid having any difficulties during transportation. This is necessary as once the alarm goes off, without the key, no one will be able to turn it off, causing a problematic situation for the shipping company.

A1 Auto Transport - A Great Choice For Shipping Motorcycles From Overseas 02

Source: Upslash

Check Your Motorcycle

Before you hand off your motorcycle, it’s a good time to check the fluids, tire pressure and the battery. You may be asked to remove all the fluids and battery, which will need to be taken with you. Batteries may explode and in some cases, may cause a chain reaction depending on what’s aboard the ship. This is to keep you and the passengers, as well as the load safe.

Remove Gas from Tank

Your gas tank should not be above 1/4th full before you hand off your motorcycle for shipping. If you don’t know how to remove the gas yourself, you can ask your shipping company to help you do that, like A-1 Auto Transport for motorcycle shipping.

You can also look into more motorcycle shipping info on Youtube.

Document any Damage

Document any damage you have prior to handing off your motorcycle. Double check with the person inspecting your motorcycle if there is any damage, and assess their assessment of the condition your motorcycle is in. You don’t want to have any disputes if any damage is done to your motorcycle, so it’s important you have records of your own and you were ok with the initial inspection of your motorcycle.


In conclusion, when shipping your motorcycle overseas, there are various shipping options to consider. Enclosed shipping provides the highest level of protection by keeping your motorcycle shielded from the elements and potential mishaps. On the other hand, open air transportation is a more affordable option, although your bike will be exposed to the outdoor conditions.

Before handing over your motorcycle, it is crucial to clean it thoroughly and take detailed photographs to establish its pre-shipment condition. Removing loose items and disabling the alarm will help ensure a safe and trouble-free transportation process. Checking fluids, tire pressure, and battery, as well as removing excess gas from the tank, are essential steps to prevent any accidents or damage.

Lastly, documenting any existing damage and confirming the inspection with the shipping company will help avoid disputes in case of any further harm during transit. By following these guidelines, you can ensure a smoother and more secure international shipping experience for your motorcycle.

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