Need to replace your Honda CR-V tire? When choosing car tires, it's important to know your tire size. Check out our car tire size chart to help choose the best tire for your Honda CR-V.
Honda CR-V Tire Size: 235/60 R18,235/65 R17.

Honda CR-V Wheel Size: 235/60 R18,235/65 R17.

Honda CR-V Tire Pressure is 2.4-2.5 Bar.

Honda CR-V Wheel Type (Spec): Radial tire.

Honda CR-V Rim Size: 235/60 R18,235/65 R17.

Honda CR-V VS Competitors

  • What size tire does a Honda CR-V use?

    Honda CR-V tire size: 235/60 R18,235/65 R17.
  • How many inches rim does the Honda CR-V use?

    Honda CR-V rim size: 235/60 R18,235/65 R17.
  • What is the tire pressure for a Honda CR-V?

    The recommened tire pressure for Honda CR-V is 2.4-2.5Bar.
  • What size wheels does a Honda CR-V have?

    The Honda CR-V wheel size is 235/60 R18,235/65 R17
  • How to read tire size?

    To read tire size, you need to look at the sidewall of your tire and find a sequence of letters and numbers that usually starts with "P". This sequence tells you the width, aspect ratio, construction, wheel diameter, load index and speed rating of your tire. P means it is a passenger car tire. For example, if your tire size is P225/65R17 95H: 225 means it has a width of 225 millimeters. 65 means it has an aspect ratio of 65%, which is the height of the sidewall divided by the width. R means it has a radial construction. 17 means it fits on a wheel with a diameter of 17 inches. 95 means it has a load index of 95, which indicates how much weight it can carry. H means it has a speed rating of H, which indicates how fast it can go safely.