• Displacement 147.3 cc
  • Category Moped
  • Start Option Kick & Electric
  • Maximum Power 18.2 hp
  • Number Of Strokes 4-Stroke
  • ABS No
  • Overview
  • Design
  • Powertrain
  • Ride & Handling
  • Braking & Safety
  • Summary
  • Overview

    The Suzuki Raider R150 F1 is currently one of the most popular underbones that are zooming around the city roads these days. Pricing at PHP 109,900.00, it is equipped with the technology and benefits of Suzuki Fuel Injection system, sportier styling, and improved body & engine components which places itself above its competitors in the 150cc category. 

    Set a new trend on the road with its Sporty LED Headlight and Full Digital Instrument Panel inspired by Suzuki GSX-S10000
    It is a symbol of Suzuki’s commitment to bring its motorcycles to the pinnacle of fame – worthy to be called superior in its class.

    This is the size of R150: LENGTH x WIDTH x HEIGHT:1,960MM x 675MM x 1.280MM

  • Design

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    The Suzuki Raider R150 FI is pretty stylish. It wouldn’t be wrong to proclaim that R150 is by far the most nicely sculpted and shaped mopeds available in this segment. The underbone chassis is pretty much like that of its predecessors, but as you go into the details, you see it is altogether a new version in front of you. Talking about the revamped styling hues, the major style tint that catches our attention is the flashy decals giving it a sportier appearance. The new headlight design looks absolutely attractive and persuades the entire design to be leaner and meaner than most of the competitors, from the same segment.

    R150 rides on 17-inch wheels out of which the front has 70mm tyre and the rear has 90mm rubber. The combination of these front and rear tyres is known to offer great stability and balance on road. Another factor adding to the desirability list is that R150 F1 moped can be modified to whatever you wish to ride on. 

  • Powertrain

    The new Raider R150 FI provides maximum output, inherited from Suzuki technologies developed for the MotoGP machine. It is more powerful than any previous model in the Raider Breed and in any other 150cc motorcycle in the country. The Suzuki Raider R150 F1 has a powerful 147.3 cc 4-valve engine, that has liquid colling technology to help the rider take long rides. The engine is sparky and considered to be the fire-breathing engine and is one of the fastest to be used in this segment of mopeds. The setup can help in generating out a maximum power of 18.2 hp at 10,000 rpm along with a peak torque of 13.8 Nm at 8,500 rpm. The power goes down to the wheels through a 6-speed manual gearbox, which has a hydraulic multi-layer type clutch.

  • Ride & Handling

    With such a powerful engine, the Suzuki Raider R150 F1 is very efficient in terms of performance. While riding through busy city roads, it definitely feels like a pleasure to zoom past the busy streets, and taking a breezy ride. The underbone chassis allows it to have a small wheelbase of 1280mm making it agile and light to easy past the busy street roads. The low seat height of 765 mm and a weight of 109 kilograms allows it to be buoyant and agile and riders can easily take it for zooming ride. It has two riding modes, which are Power and Eco, the latter one being the perfect option for daily commutes.

    Other styling upgrades include seat enhancement which is very well-cushioned to allow a jolt free and comfortable ride to both the riders and pillion. An aggressive muffler and wavy disc brakes are additional designing upgrades, that increase its likeability all the more. 

  • Braking & Safety

    The Suzuki Raider R150 F1 is proclaimed to have very efficient braking features and functional design, that allows the vehicle to have full traction and control on road. The disc brakes provided for both the wheels are shaped and contoured in such a way that allows occasionally to excess heat diversion. The headlamps at the front offer good visibility in the dark and foggy nights and allow a bright path ahead for the rider. Suzuki has also thought this time about the safety and security of the vehicles from theft and loss. The new shutter for the keyhole is an attentive detail that doesn’t show from above and keeps the key secured. It can be closed with a small flick of the finger but to open it again, one needs to fetch the other side of the key. There is also a rear mono-shock suspension and also the telescopic front suspension works quite well to save the rider from jolts and bumps on the road.

  • Summary

    The Suzuki Raider R150 FI is a perfect blend of performance and style on wheels. It is extremely agile and meticulous with every styling and engine detail. It has extreme power on the throttle and is also efficient on the four liters of the fuel tank as well. The new fuel injection technology is just another added feature to enhance its likeability. It is priced PHP 110,000 and competes against the Yamaha Sniper 150 and the Honda RS150R, both of which are more affordable than this particular fuel-injected Suzuki underbone moped. For a price this hefty, you will have to loosen your pockets if you wish to take a zooming ride on this beauty. 

  • How much is Suzuki Raider R150 Fi in the Philippines?

    The Suzuki Raider R150 Fi price in the Philippines starts at ₱109,900. The lowest price is the 2021 Suzuki Raider R150 Fi Standard, ranging all the way up to the 2021 Suzuki Raider R150 Fi Standard priced at ₱109,900.

  • Is the Suzuki Raider R150 Fi a good motorcycle?

    The Suzuki Raider R150 Fi is a popular motorcycle to buy as it offers powerful and efficient engine options as well as premium, spacious interiors. Even used Suzuki Raider R150 Fi motorcycles offer the premium driving experience.

  • What models does Suzuki Raider R150 Fi have?

    Suzuki Raider R150 Fi models in the Philippines: 2021 Suzuki Raider R150 Fi Standard.

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