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  • Isuzu Traviz 2022 Reviews: Price, Features and Full Specs Revealed

    Much more impeccably stylish than your average-looking bear, er, workhorse, the Isuzu Traviz has more than good looks to offer but on a previous article which pitted the brawnier Traviz against the much compact but top-caliber hauler, Mitsubishi L-300, performance results were somewhat troubling for the former as it was being hailed as a light-duty truck destined for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) much like the latter, hence, the unlikely but amiable rivalry between these two indefat


    May 24, 2022

  • Who’s the tougher mule? Mitsubishi L-300 Vs Isuzu Traviz

    From a distance, both cooly-parked Mitsubishi L-300 and Isuzu Traviz might just seem ready to transform and explode down the runway like two imposing and indestructible Autobots from the Transformers movie fame, especially when imaginably viewed under a dazzling play of light cast from a newly-minted showroom. But as the saying goes, there is always a chink even in the most formidable of armors as one car feature prominently stands out from the rest, especially in the case between the L-300 and


    May 3, 2022

  • The Rock-Hard-Steady Mitsubishi L-300

    Year in and year out, day in and day out, the Mitsubishi L-300 can be relied upon to deliver on its uncompromising standard of reliability. The one word that best describes this unassuming workhorse. Bragging rights aside, the knowledge about the said car’s reliability especially in logistic-delivery operations has been greatly acknowledged throughout the years by the striving hordes of Filipino businessmen who were keen on trying to make a decent living out of this reliably-multi-purpose utilit


    Apr 24, 2022

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